Sunday, February 19, 2006

The cats Melvin & Steph feed

Last week after my visit with Bombay and Bangles, Melvin and Stephanie offered to take me and The Flyer for a walk around the estate to look at the cats they help to feed.
The first cat we saw was an extremely handsome fellow. Melvin calls him Lazy.

And true to his name, Lazy was... erm... busy conserving energy.

At the click of my camera, Lazy snapped awake. He reminded me very much of the gray cat at the Ngee Ann City adoption drive held last November, the one I called Voldemort's Cat.

When he realised he was not in dangerous company, Lazy wasted no time in shutting down his hard drive again.
Without having to walk any further, there was the second cat. Melvin said that this one was called Fatty.
I told Melvin that these cats were beginning to sound like badly named dwarves.

Surely this gorgeous white cat deserves a better name than Fatty! Besides, he's not fat. He's just big-boned.

Melvin photographs these cats whenever he has time. As a result, the cats are used to posing for the camera. To prove this point, Fatty got up and sashayed sexily over to Mel and Steph.

Then sitting down slowly right in the centre of us, he offered me a shot of his side profile.

Next, Fatty suggested an artistic shot through the grilles of a white gate. He thought it was so mod to play white off white.

Fatty then sauntered over to an apple-green wall and asked for close-up shots to be taken. He knew the subtle green backdrop would make his white fur look even whiter.

I thanked Fatty for being such a sport and promised I would get Melvin to reconsider a better name.

As we walked by Lazy again, I was pleased to see that he was up. He really is a splendid looking cat. The Flyer thinks he has a very handsome side profile. I think all his sides are equally handsome.

A third cat caught my eye. It was a very nervous adolescent tabby. I only managed to snap three shots of him before he scooted quickly away.

I saw a ginger somewhere along the way, but that one was terribly shy. Every time I approached it, it would scramble for dear life. Poor thing... hope its fear of humans was not caused by abuse.
The last kitty I saw was this darling blackie. It's a real poor thing though. Here's why.

It was resting under a truck when I caught sight of it. I thought, "Awww... it looks just like Bangles."
But when it turned around to look at me, my heart broke.

This kitty is blind in its right eye. And it's so young too. What a poor thing...

As I walked away from the dear little one, I couldn't help but think about how it had gotten hurt and if it had received any medical attention.
I hope it learns to lead a comfortable life on the streets. With responsible feeders like Mel and Steph (and hopefully TNR), perhaps it will stand a good chance.
~5-Cat Style


vegancat said...

Lazy has a collar on. Collar has its risk. A lady I know put collars on the cats that are sterilized on the hope of conferring further protection, found one cat a few days ago with the collar caught in her mouth, even though it was one of those clip-on "safty" collar. It was tremendously stressful for her to spend hours trying to coax her to come near to remove the collar that was eating into her flesh. On friday, she finally cornered the cat, took the collar off in 3 seconds and took the cat to the vet for treatment.

the letter b said...

your pictures serve to show that our community cats are as beautiful - if not more - as purebreds. thanks for sharing with us, 5CS! and equally many thanks to Mel and Steph for their time looking after our cats :)

=^..^= said...

Hi Vegancat,

On my very first visit to Melvin's house, a fellow adoption volunteer and I had alerted Melvin to the hazards of collars, especially since we noticed that the collar was a flea collar.

Melvin explained that he had removed the collar from the cat once, but the cleaner had put it back on again.

We asked Melvin to speak to the cleaner and help him to understand that collars are not all a good thing.

On this third visit, I reminded Mevin to speak to the cleaner once more about removing the collar for good.

I'll ask Mel how that went.

~5-Cat Style

=^..^= said...

Hi Letter B,

There are so many gorgeous community cats just lying around. There are the physically pretty ones and the 'personality' cats who are adoringly friendly, like Diamond Back.

~5-Cat Style

cat_aunty said...

fatty is so funny.

vegancat said...

Look like easy catches for TnRM.

vegancat said...
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Mambo said...

Hi Guys,
Just got back from M'sian Trip. I haven't been seeing hte cleaner around these days much but i will speak to him again about Lazy's collar and shouldn't be much of a problem. I guess the best way is to communicate with whoever is taking care of these cats around the area. My estate is lucky to have a kind hearter Malay cleaner who dotes on cats and feeds them without fail. I dread the day he isn't cleaning our area anymore, who would feed the cats full time? Maybe i would take over if that happens. But for now the cats are happy to see me occasionally bringing them treats to much on. I will update you guys on the progress asap!


vegancat said...

Alternately is to buy a good quality snap-on/off collar to substitute for the flea collar. If the cleaner is worried about "flea" (typo corrected in previous posting where I typed "flu"), apply an ampoule of Revolution onto the nape. Works like magic on cats with "moth eaten" appearance on their fur due to flea bites.

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