Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dry Cleaner Bronzy

Mommy: Erm... Bronzy?

Mommy: When I asked you to help me press my jackets, I didn't quite mean for you to do them this way.

 Bronzy: But this is the best way! I'm napping and pressing all at once. It is called multi-tasking.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Easy Way to Confine Cats

Just place a small fabric on the spot you want the cats to stay on and...

They will automatically gravitate towards it and remain rooted there.

~5-Cat Style

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Our First Week in the New House

Mommy: Slash, you're not doing much. Why don't you help out a little with the packing?

Slash: Hey, looking pretty in seductive poses is a lot of work!

Slash: Okay, fine... I'll help out by patting on the packing tape for this torn corner.

Slash: And now I have an owwie. See! My paw is sore.

Slash: I need to rest so that my body can heal from the trauma.

Slash: I'm passing out now. No one disturb me please. Zzzz...

Hi there, 5-Cat Style here!
Sorry, I've been away for so long.
The move was beyond dramatic and exhausting,
and the kitties needed a few days to adjust to the new place.
I hadn't realised that my bedroom is right beside the train tracks and so
you can imagine just how freaked out Slash and Bronzy were by the loud noises.

But Bronzy did quite well, I thought.
It took her about a day to adapt to all the strange noises and smells.
She was also very quick to befriend our two new housemates,
a young and newly married couple.
The wife is Italian and the husband Colombian.
The wife has 6 cats back in Italy and misses them terribly.
And so she was very excited about having Slash and Bronzy in the house.

Slash, on the other hand, took a much longer time to adjust to the new surroundings.
The first 2 days must have been the worst for him because he refused all food.
As it is, Slash is already on the thin side.
For him not to eat at all worried me terribly and so I tried to force-feed him some kibble.
I managed to get him to swallow about 6 tiny pieces.
But from the 7th onwards, he would spit them out on to the carpet, his fur, my legs, etc.
Thankfully, Slash started to eat a little on the 3rd day.
By the 5th day, his appetite was back to its usual.

Now that we've been here a full week, the cats are a lot more at ease.
Bronzy is coping beautifully.
She acts as though she has lived here all her life.
Slash, however, is comfortable only in my bedroom.
His favourite spot is under my bed.
He still isn't too friendly with the housemates, but he just needs another week or two.

I'm sorry I haven't got any photos of the new house to share yet.
Firstly, I've been so busy with uni work and all the unpacking that needs to be done.
With 70 boxes of crap and junk, that is A LOT of unpacking.
Secondly, my 70 boxes have completely cluttered up half the house!
Believe me... You don't want to see the mess.
You'd thank me for waiting until the house looks lovely again before photographing it.

So to make up for the lack of photos,
here are some from when I was packing in the old house.
Happy viewing!

The Great Wall of Boxes begin to take shape with 20 boxes.

As the 20 boxes grew to 30, Slash and Bronzy helped to make sure that the wall stood steady.

Slash: I'll help balance out the weight in this corner.

Slash: Mommy, you have some missing boxes.

Slash: See... Box 22, Box 27, Box 31...

Slash: Where are the in-between boxes?

Mommy: Bronzy, what are you doing to your brother?

Slash: Bronzy told me that I needed to be packed away too.

*The next morning*

Mommy: Again? Bronzy, stop putting your brother inside boxes!

~5-Cat Style