Friday, December 04, 2009

Bronzy is Recycle Girl!

I was very nearly dead from boredom when the creative genius in me came up with a brilliant idea.

Behold the world's newest superhero...

Recycle Girl!!!

This ripped plastic bag is my magical cloak.

It helps me to whiz all around the world making sure that recyclable items go into the correct recycling bin.

It is a tough job.

But some cat has got to do it.

To wind down after a hard day's work, I make my way to the bar for a cool drink. You should see the looks I get!

This is Slash seconds before I walked into the bar.

This is Slash at the exact moment he caught sight of my wondrous outfit.

He takes a long second look...

... And wonders what on cat's earth is going on.

This is Slash not believing his eyes.

And this is Slash STILL not believing his eyes.

But all this doesn't bother me.

After all, every superhero has to put up with some admiration, right?

~5-Cat Style

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sooo Sooo Bored!!!

Mommy, you do realise that you have neglected me for 2 weeks, don't you?

If this is going to continue, you are going to find me dead from boredom.

Like this! Not breathing.

Eyes not blinking.

Tongue sticking out.

How much longer till the exams are over?


I'm one dead cat.

~5-Cat Style

Monday, November 16, 2009


Mommy: "Last week's manicure is holding up pretty well. You won't be needing one this week."

Bronzy: "But, Mommy... I need my beauty treatment. What else can I do?"

Mommy: "Try some beauty sleep."

Bronzy: "Trying it now! Is it working?"

~5-Cat Style

Friday, November 13, 2009

Warning Issued


I have something to tell you.


That's all.

~5-Cat Style

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Slash's BIG Mouth

And the answer to Thoughtful Thursday's question is... Slash was about to give a BIG yawn.

I don't know if it is the horrible heat (or Mommy's terrible neglect), but Slash has been yawning an awful lot lately.

I think he needs to be careful. Otherwise, he's going to find himself with a mouthful of flies.

~5-Cat Style

Thoughtful Thursday

Here is another thinking question for Thoughtful Thursday.

What on cat's earth is Slash doing?

The answer will be revealed tomorrow!

~5-Cat Style

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I think Mommy is bored.

~5-Cat Style

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Mommy just gave me a manicure. But not like the painted manicures she gives herself. Maybe one day Mommy will paint mine. Which colour should I choose then?

~5-Cat Style

Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Stable Cat

Mommy met her first stable cat at the Balmoral Equestrian Centre on Friday. No, no, I don't mean a cat who isn't crazy. I mean a cat who lives in a stable with horses!

Mommy described him as a handsome and confident cat who walked with a swagger and was very comfortable with the horses. Mommy thinks that he thinks that he owns them.

Mommy said that the stable cat made it his business that morning to supervision their lessons with his horses.

He would follow them from the stables to the paddocks and even on to the field where they had lessons in leading his horses.

Mommy and her friends could not resist giving him some cuddles and he was clearly pleased with that because he purred and purred.

Have you ever met a stable cat?

~5-Cat Style

Saturday, November 07, 2009

My 3 Good Reasons

I am not happy with Mommy for 3 good reasons.

This is my angry look by the way.

The first good reason is that Mommy has repeatedly forgotten to put linkies to our friends' bloggies. The Zoolatry Girls and CCL Wendy had so kindly featured me on their blogs and Mommy forgot all about it! Mommy says that her brains are a bit cooked because of the exams and so before she forgets again, she is putting up the linkies now. So please visit our friends here and here to see ME! Oh... and Slash appears somewhere as an extra.

Then the second good reason is that Mommy has been neglecting us for her books and notes again! I do not see why exams are more important than we are. Things are so bad that Slash and I have to get attention from Mommy's printer. How sad is that?!

And the third good reason is that I got scolded by Mommy for pulling Slash's fur out. But it was for a good cause! The fashion designer in me was inspired to start a new line of winter boots (even though summer is approaching). And since I created black boots the last time, it only made sense to have white boots this time. Mommy just doesn't get it.

Do you?

~5-Cat Style