Sunday, May 31, 2009

Good Vibrations

Slash: Can't sleep? What's wrong?
Bronzy: Mommy says I have to go to the Vet tomorrow for a snip-snip. What is a snip-snip?

Slash: Oh, that! I've had one. It's where you go to the Vet to nap and then you come home to nap some more. Awww, Bronze... come here... I know how to help you sleep.

Slash: I'll hold your head between my paws and send some purringly good vibes to you.

Bronzy: Thank you! What will I ever do without you?

~5-Cat Style

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Slash's Morning Face

Grumpy face + Bedroom fur = Slash in the morning

~5-Cat Style

Friday, May 29, 2009

Dear Diary...

I had a good morning. This was how I spent it.

7.14am -- Stalked Slash

7.15am -- Got twapped for stalking

7.16am -- Got into a wrestling match

7.19am -- Performed impressive outmaneuvering moves

7.23am -- Performed more impressive outmaneuvering moves

7.27am -- Wrestled again

7.29am -- Delivered a crushing Kangaroo Kick

7.30am -- Tried to get into an advantageous position

7.33am -- Tried harder to get into an advantageous position

7.36am -- Succeeded in getting into that advantageous position

7.37am -- Slash called a truce

7.38am -- Moved to Mommy's bed to get groomed by Slash

7.39am -- Then Slash got groomed by me

7.40am -- Held paws for a well-deserved morning nap


~5-Cat Style

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bronzy -- Fashion Designer of Winter Boots

The days and nights have been very cold. And I am frozen. But not as frozen as Bronzy because I have quite a lot of floof. Please see my handsome photo below.

Bronzy is nowhere as floofy as me. So she decided that, like Mommy, she needed to keep warm by wearing boots. Winter boots.

So Bronzy spent the last two minutes carefully paw-picking floofy things to make her boots with.

At the moment, this is what Bronzy's winter boots look like.

"Winter boots from my 2009 couture collection."

"It is still a work-in-progress because I haven't found many floofy things to work with."

"But you get the idea, right?"

"Maybe if I turned around and modeled it from a different angle..."

"Or how about if I lay down in a Cleopatra pose?"

"A close-up of my beauteous creation."

"I can make some floof curl downwards like a leopard's claw."

"Or style them straight like Wolverine's."

"I will be happy to take orders for my hot-hot-hot boots!"

Hmmm... I say it needs A LOT more work first. Those are not even half-done!

~5-Cat Style

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ignored and Neglected

Slash: Mommy is busy with an ass-say AGAIN... this time about Die-no-saws.

Slash: So to get some attention, I decided to eat Mommy's sticky tape.

Bronzy: I was less destructive.

Bronzy: I decided to help Mommy read her book so that she could finish her work faster.

(1 minute later)

Bronzy: Nobody told me it was THIS boring. Yawn... You're on your own, Mommy!

~5-Cat Style

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hoppy Mommy's Day!!!

And the answer to Thoughtful Thursday's question is... Hey! Nobody got the answer right.

I don't blame you. I wish the answer was one of the many many yummy things you kitties mentioned. But noooo... what made us go "lick-lick-lick" was the yucky deworming medicine.

Just look at how sad I was when, halfway through playing, Mommy told us it was our Worming Day.

Anyway, it is Mommy's Day today. I hope all you Mommies enjoyed a wonderful day!

My Mommy couldn't really enjoy the day with me and Bronzy because she is busy with ass-says. Why her ass has so many things to say is beyond me.

So I decided to teach Mommy how to relax.

First, I lay down on top of her ass-say papers so that I would get her undivided attention.

Then I showed Mommy how to lick her paw.

I also showed Mommy how to lick her paw in a raised position.

Then I moved to my belly...

Lifted my leg up...

Twisted my torso...

And licked!

But Mommy couldn't do that. She said the position was too challenging for her rusted bones.

I am glad I helped to teach Mommy how to relax. Can you see the satisfied smile on my face?

~5-Cat Style

Friday, May 08, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

Can you guess what is making our tongues go "lick-lick-lick"?

~5-Cat Style