Saturday, January 28, 2012

Raspberry Repartee

Bronzy: I have a raspberry for you, Slash.

Slash: Do you want 'The Paw'?
Bronzy: Nope. Sorry!

~5-Cat Style

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Slash Gives a High Five

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!
A very Happy Lunar New Year to all our Chinese friends!
May the Year of the Water Dragon flood you with good luck and great fortune!

Because preparations for Chinese New Year includes a thorough spring cleaning of the house,
I thought I'd give both Slash and Bronzy a thorough cleaning too.
So after a good scrub-down in a warm bath,
I gave the kitties a furious brushing.

As you would all know by now,
Slash hates the Furminator with a vengeance.
His latest strategy to get out of a brushing session is to give me a high five.

So whenever I know that the brushing is over,
instead of just stopping, I'd ask Slash for a high five and he'd give me one.

Here's one of his high fives captured on a friend's mobile phone.

~5-Cat Style

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Lesson for Slash in Never Giving Up

Slash: I'm ready, Mommy! Go ahead and swing that wand!
Mommy: But, Slash, that bag strap is in your way. Why don't you move away from it first?

Slash: Don't worry about it. I have the moves! It won't get in my way at all.

Mommy: Alright then. Here it comes!

Slash reaches out quickly...

But gets smacked right in the face!

Mommy: Slash, are you okay? 

Slash: Er... yeah! I meant for that to happen.

But the poor boy shrinks away in embarrassment.

Mommy: That's ok, Slashy. I'll swing it again and you'll get it this time. Here it comes!

Slash reaches out once more, this time with the other paw.

And the boy gets his feather!

~5-Cat Style

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Slash's First Music Video

For my very first blog entry this 2012,
I have a treat in store for you.

I bring to you Slash's first music video!

This video shows you what it is like when I give Slash a butt bath.
You'll get to see the struggle, the resulting holes in my clothes,
the cries of protest, the look of murder,
and finally the surrender.


(Please let me know if you have trouble loading the video.)

~5-Cat Style