Thursday, December 25, 2008

Soooo many Chrissymouse prezzies!!!

How was your Chrissymouse, efurrybody? Mine was furry furry good. In fact, I still cannot believe how many prezzies I received.

Furst, Mommy gave me a giant Cat Tree. You can see me posing on it wif the family's prezzies.

Isn't it huge? It stretches from the ground all the way to the sky!

There are so many hidey holes to hide in as well. It's fun!

Then Mommy gave me a furry heavy Porcelain Cat.

But that wasn't all. In it, there was lots and lots of yummy kibble.

I'll nefer haf to worry about going hungry again!

My most fun and noisy prezzie is a Roller Mousie.

You roll the mousie backwards on the floor furst and then Woo-Hoo! Watch it zoom around like lightning!

I lurrve chasing it and then chomping on its tail.

Here are some pikshurs of me hafing fun wif my Roller Mousie.

Mommy insisted on including some outtakes of my play. So here they are!

And finally, here is a pikshur of me with my Mommy (5-Cat Style) and my Godmommy (The Flyer).

~5-Cat Style

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Lurrve-Filled Chrissymouse Eve

This is my furst Chrissymouse efer! And I am furry excited!

I haf been drenched wif kissies all day from my family. I hope that all of you haf been kissed too.

~5-Cat Style

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Hurrow! My name is Slash and I am furry pleased to meet all of you.

I was given the name Slash because the very first time my Mommy carried me, I left my mark on her chest.

How did I meet my Mommy?

Well, one fine day my Mommy made her way to a Vet's Clinic to sign up for an Animal Assisted Therapy training program. While she was there, she spent some time looking at the sick and injured animals being cared for. And that's when she saw me!

I was purrlaying with some other kitties and Mommy asked a nurse about me. The nurse told her that I had been brought in to the clinic by a breeder. I was suffering from an eye infection, an ear infection and digestive problems. But then the breeder never turned up to collect me and pay the medical bills. I had been abandoned!

The nurse told my Mommy that while everyone in the clinic had come to adore me, none of them could take me home. Mommy then said that if the breeder didn't turn up to claim me by the end of the week, she would take me home.

And so the breeder never showed up and I became Mommy's! The vet was delighted to hear that and told Mommy not to worry about the medical bills, that she wouldn't have to pay fur the baaaad breeder.

The nurses told Mommy that the breeder bred Chinchilla Persian cats and so it was furry likely that I was a Chinchilla Persian too. That would explain my cottony fur.

Today, I get lots and lots of lurrve and attention from Mommy.

She purrovides me with many toys and invent many many games fur me to play.

One of my furst gifts is this cigar case. It smells furry interesting. I like to use my paws to swipe it all around the house and chase after it.

Here is a pikshur of the cigar case dangling in the air, perfect for practicing my fearsome pouncing.

I love my new house. It is warm and comfy with lots of room to play in. My most favourite room is the bedroom where I sleep at the head of the bed to purrtect Mommy in the night.

My second favourite room is the kitchen where lots of yummy smells float around.

In return of Mommy affections, I help to take care of the house by purrtecting it. In fact, during the move into the new house I made shure that efurrything was safe.

I am furry happy with my new life and hope to make many new furriends like you soon!

Thank you for listening to my story. I am going to take a well-deserved nap now.

~5-Cat Style