Friday, December 04, 2009

Bronzy is Recycle Girl!

I was very nearly dead from boredom when the creative genius in me came up with a brilliant idea.

Behold the world's newest superhero...

Recycle Girl!!!

This ripped plastic bag is my magical cloak.

It helps me to whiz all around the world making sure that recyclable items go into the correct recycling bin.

It is a tough job.

But some cat has got to do it.

To wind down after a hard day's work, I make my way to the bar for a cool drink. You should see the looks I get!

This is Slash seconds before I walked into the bar.

This is Slash at the exact moment he caught sight of my wondrous outfit.

He takes a long second look...

... And wonders what on cat's earth is going on.

This is Slash not believing his eyes.

And this is Slash STILL not believing his eyes.

But all this doesn't bother me.

After all, every superhero has to put up with some admiration, right?

~5-Cat Style