Monday, April 27, 2009

A Soggy and Sulky Slash

Slash: It is winter and Mommy knows that. Yet she gave me a bath. What an evil and cruel Mommy!!!

Bronzy: Maybe you should explain that Mommy gave you a bath because you pooped on yourself for the fifth time this week.

Slash: I certainly did NOT poop on myself! EVER!

Bronzy: And maybe you should also add that Mommy heated up the entire house for you so that you wouldn't get cold.

Slash: Hey, I am still completely chilled to the bone!

Bronzy: Then Mommy wiped you dry and cradled you till you got warm.

Slash: Only if roughing up my head till I got dizzy counts as wiping dry and choking me in a headlock counts as cradling.

Bronzy: Mommy even gave you treats to cheer you up.

Slash: She should after all the trauma! Besides, I'm half-starved. I never get enough to eat.

Slash: Hey! Maybe if I keep looking sulky, Mommy will give me more treats. Do you think this look is sulky enough?

~5-Cat Style

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hippiness + Grumpiness = Slash

You know how my brother is teased about his big hips, right?

I tease him by walking funny with my legs splayed apart and all.

But he never laughs! He only scowls.


~5-Cat Style

Saturday, April 18, 2009

An awkward but well-deserved rest

Good news! My brother is finally well.

It has been tiring taking care of him, especially since he is very spoilt and fussy and with too much fur to groom.

My tongue is numb from licking his insanely thick fur and my paws are aching from kneading his big, broad, blimpy body.

And because I am so tired, I cannot stop yawning.

But before I could finish my 32nd yawn, I fell asleep suddenly!

It was so sudden that I ended up being an unglamorous, snoring, eyes-half-opened heap of fur at Slash's feet.

Can somebody please reposition my comatose body? Anybody???

~5-Cat Style

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Slash is sick, Bronzy to the rescue!

My poor brother is sick.

The Vet says he has a slight fever.

So I told Mommy that I will look after him.

I have been licking and licking him while he rests.

The Vet says he has an infection somewhere.

But he doesn't know where.


I think the Vet forgot to add that he has a gassy tum-tum too!

~5-Cat Style