Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our 2012 Wish to You

Slash, Bronzy and I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year.

Our wish this 2012 is for you to..
Pamper yourself a little more.
Celebrate the small things a little more.
Find that peace within yourself and enjoy it a little more.

Thank you for adding so much delight to our 2011.
We just know that 2012 will be even better.
We're ready for it now.
Bring it on!

~5-Cat Style

Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Christmas Portrait

We hope everybuddy had themselves a fun-filled, love-filled Christmas celebration.

We ourselves had extra helpings of stinky goodness and snackies to fill our furry bellies,
plus extended games with our favourite feathered wand.
So we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

To thank Mommy for such a good Christmassy time,
we obliged her by posing for some family shots.
Of course, there was still some fussing when we couldn't decide who should stand where
and ended up standing on top of each other.
But we finally got things sorted out.

Here's one that we would like to share with you, our furry friends!

With purrs and nosekisses,
Slash & Bronzy

~5-Cat Style

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas Greeting from Slash & Bronzy

We would like to wish all our friends
a furry Merry Christmas!

May your days be purrfectly filled with cuddles and treats!

Purringly Yours,
Slash & Bronzy

~5-Cat Style

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Good Assistant

Slash: Assistant Prawn!

Bronzy: Hmmm?

Slash: Assistant Prawn! Come and style my fur NOW!!!

Bronzy: Yes, Sir! I'm on my way!

Bronzy: Just close your eyes and relax, Sir. I'll give your ears a good cleaning first.

Bronzy: Then I'll massage your scalp.

Bronzy: I won't forget the brows, of course.

Bronzy: And I'll pay close attention to those sideburns.

Bronzy: And then you'll be the most stylish in the house.

Slash: Not a bad job. I like what I see. Go reward yourself with a drink from the kitty bar.

Bronzy: Oh, thank you, Sir!

Bronzy: I'll have my usual...
Bronzy: H2O neat!

Bronzy: Oh yum, that was good. And now to rest till my next job.

~5-Cat Style

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Lovely Liebster Award and the Not-So Lovely Balloon

The furry handsome Clooney and gorgeous Neytiri have given us the Liebster Award!

"Liebster" is German for dear, beloved or lovely.
So this must mean that we are dearly beloved kitties with a lovely blog!

Thank you, Clooney and Neytiri!!!

As part of accepting this award, we are to...

1) Link back to the blogger who gave it to us,
2) Paste the award on our blog,
3) Choose 5 blogs to pass this award to
(they must be up-coming blogs with fewer than 200 followers), and 
4) Let them know about their nomination by leaving a comment on their blogs.

So here are 5 lovely blogs that we are passing the Liebster award to:

We would like to wish them all a furry big

And now... here was what happened 2 days ago when Mommy's friend brought a balloon to the house.

Slash got totally spooked by it and Mommy had to comfort him.

He kept wanting to run away, but Mommy made him stay.

She stroked his chin to calm him and explained that there was nothing scary about balloons.

So Slash did his best not to run and hide.

But he was extremely suspicious of the balloon. 

He stared and stared and stared at it without blinking at all.

Gotta say that I was impressed that his eye balls didn't dry out.

And that he didn't get a stiff neck.

Mommy stayed to comfort Slash for quite a long time and he seemed to relax.

But the moment Mommy got distracted, he made a run for it.

Hmmm... looks like balloons can now be added to Slash's long and growing list of fears.

~5-Cat Style

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Come and See Our New Playroom

Welcome to our temporary playroom!

 We have had this cage for 3 years now, but this is the 1st time that I am using it.

Bronzy had used it once before when she was still in a cone.

She was recovering from her busted stitches then.

Mommy doesn't like to confine us in a cage unless absolutely necessary.
And last week, it was necessary.

Mommy's aunt came to visit from Singapore and she stayed with us for 4 days.
She's a lovely person and was very sweet to us.
She baby-talked to us and even
bought us two months' supply of food and kitty litter.

But she has a huge phobia of cats.
(That's why it is remarkable that she feeds and cares for the stray cats
in her estate every single day unfailingly.)

So the day before her aunt arrived,
Mommy brought the cage out and turned it into a playroom for us.

And everyone was happy.

In fact, we love relaxing and playing in it so much that
Mommy has decided to leave it out for us this Christmas holiday
so we can wander in and out as we please.

We have our cat tree, our litterbox, both our beds and our water bowls in there.
Mommy also hung Charlie the Catnip Fish for us to play with.
But, because we had grown bored with poor Charlie,
Mommy sewed a leopard's tail on him to make him attractive again.

And it worked!

While one of us plays with Charlie,
the other will wait patiently in the bed.

Everyone says that we are good kitties for taking turns politely and not fighting. 

And since it is still my turn with Charlie, wanna watch me thwap him some more?

Purringly Yours,

PS. Poor Charlie and his new tail survived only one day.
He got completely mangled by the 2nd day. Then the string broke and he fell to his death.
RIP, dear Charlie!

~5-Cat Stye