Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Which position should I sleep in tonight?




While I wait for your answer, I shall...

... Amuse myself.

~5-Cat Style

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A Dramatic Butt-Washing

Because Slash is so floofy,
the business of pooping can get a little messy for him.

Guess who gets the fun job of cleaning his butt?

Here's a little peek at the soapy drama I have to endure from his butt-washing:

With my arm strategically hooked under his chest and between his arms,
I lower Slash into a sink with warm running water.

Because his fur is so thick,
it takes a while for him to feel the water on his behind.
He usually starts out being oblivious and fairly relaxed...

To being rudely shocked and offended.

The first physical struggle is usually a weak one.
At this stage, he is merely testing the strength of my grip on him.

As his patience wears thin, the struggles get stronger and more violent.

It is at this time that I have to be careful because
he would have figured out an escape route.

A look of utter mischief confirms my fear.

In a flash, he is out of my arms and on top of my shoulders,
his wet butt dripping conditioner all over me.

The naughty boy won't even bother to leap off
where I would have a better chance of re-capturing him.
Instead, he cleverly stays perched on my shoulders and out of my reach.

With help from my startled friend Jennet, Slash is back in the sink.
I assure her that I am unhurt.

Apart from getting wet...

And having my top torn by his claws, I have not been mauled.

A sulky Slash surrenders himself finally and
allows me to finish up the butt bath without further drama.

The final stage in Slash's torment is a quick drying of his bottom
with a super absorbent microfibre towel.

Wet and grumpy, but poop-free and smelling like green apples,
I release him to freedom.

I'll give Slash some peace for now...
before tormenting him with a good brushing of his bottom later.

~5-Cat Style