Wednesday, May 31, 2006

How not to get killed by your bruffer

Tip #1 - Let sleeping cats lie

Resist all temptation to attack your bruffer, especially when he looks most relaxed and vulnerable.

Tip #2 - Avoid landing furrlat on your back

Try, at all cost, not to get flattened on your back. You are at your furry weakest and will be at the mercy of cats and beans alike.

Tip #3 - Always purrtect your head

Purrtect your head. Always. If your bruffer gets his teeth on your head, that is the Death Grip.

Tip #4 - Don't get sat on... no matter what!

If all the tips above have failed you, your bruffer should have you in his Death Grip by now. But don't give up yet! Unless he has sat on you then... you're purrty much dead.


Photos courtesy of Melissa & Kenny

Monday, May 29, 2006

Photo Diary of a Catolympics' Torch Bearer's Run

Phew! Our run is over and what a run it was! It shure was a toughie.
Bangles, I hate to admit it, is a lot fitter than I am. So he was ahead of me most of the time.

Hurry, Bombay! We're almost there. Hurry!

I'm hurrying... I'm hurrying... *pant pant*

This was my scenic view for most of the run -- Bangles' BIG behind!

Singapurr shure is a long long way from the United Catdom. But we eventually got there. It took us a furry long time though. So by the time we reached Fat Eric, he was all tired out from waiting and had fallen fast asleep on the pavement.

Fat Eric already running with the Catolympic torch in his deams

But his bean Mommy woke him up and Fat Eric was furry furry excited to see us. He headbutted and purred at us a lot which made Bangles and I feel furry welcomed.
We handed over the Catolympic torch proudly to him, and he was so thrilled to be holding it that he danced a most funny jig. And then he was off!
Good luck, Fat Eric! We hope you'll find your way easily to Mericky. Once there, Fat Eric will pass the torch over to two very energetic kitties, Harper and Ramona.

Harper & Ramona shurely have the energy to be torch bearers

For now, I am so happy to be able to rest my aching paws.

Aching and blistered paws need some lovin'

Bangles, as fit as he may be, is completely winded too

Our paws are now swollen and painful from all that running

Just look at how swollen my right paw is

But being a natural star, I still posed for the cameras

I let a bean masseuse massage one paw, while I massaged the other

Ahhh... sweet relief!

Fat Eric's bean Mommy is such a sweet lady. She fed us lots and LOTS of stinky goodness, then tucked us into a most comfy bed.

All ready for a well-deserved catnap

Still sore, so Bangles and I massaged each other's paws to sleep

When we woke up the next morning, we were greeted by a most glorious day. The sun was shining... the birds were chirping... and Fat Eric's Mommy had more stinky goodness for us!

A cat-bulous day in the United Catdom

The weather was so purrfect, Fat Eric's Mommy insisted on taking us out to do some sight-seeing. And what sights we saw!

Sight-seeing in the United Catdom

Fat Eric's Mommy wanted to take us to see a furry famous building called Big Bean, I think. On the way, we saw some horsies.

Horsies with helmets and furry smart stripped socks

Horsie tails shure aren't as nice as kitty tails

We then passed by a furry purrty pond where we saw many fishies swimming around a large fishie fountain. I noticed that most of them were ginger and calico fishies.

Purrty ginger and calico fishies

Bangles and I met some hungry birdies too. The birdies in the United Catdom seem to like pizza a lot.

Here's one birdie ordering a pizza take-out

Here's a lovey-dovey pair enjoying a pizza picnic together

Fat Eric's Mommy took us on a boat ride. We didn't like it so much because it was too rocky and windy. I tried looking out at the water carefully and look what I saw!

A furry handsome dollfin swimming along our boat!

Hurrow, Mister Dollfin!

We then went into a dark, cold place called a Mewseum. There were lots of strange things to see.

Here are some creepy-crawlies that I purrtect my Mommy from back home

And here's something that shure looks furry hungry and angry

Next, Fat Eric's Mommy brought us to an aquarroom where there were all kinds of fishies and underwater creatures.

I am told that this purrty thing is a C-Horsie

A turtle gets fed lunch by a bean dressed up like a sea panther

I even saw a Shark -- a BIG fishie with even BIGGER teeth

Seems like there are lots of hungry underwater creatures needing lunch

This manta ray demands to be hand-fed

Yikes! Is it going to eat the bean too?!

Later that night, Fat Eric's Mommy took us to a Carnival where we watched an amazing fire show. The fire scared Bangles a little, but I was brave enough to stand real close to watch them toss and spin the flames.

Flame throwers entertaining the bean crowds

The spinning lights almost left me hypnotised

I wonder if my Mommy would let me practice that at home

The flames were spun so fast, I could feel my fur flying!

I want to be the world's furrst kitty flame thrower!

Thanks to Fat Eric's wonderful Mommy, Bangles and I saw soooo many amazing things in the United Catdom. But we have to say that the purrtiest thing we saw had to be this...

A baby Princess Mia look-a-like

I am wiped out now. Got to sleep. Bangles and I will be staying one more night at Fat Eric's, then we'll be teleporting back to Singapurr tomorrow. By then, Harper and Ramona should be proudly carrying the Catolympic torch.

Go, little ones! GO!

Signing off now with a sore paw


Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Catolympics' Torch Relay begins... NOW!

How wonderful! How exciting!
My two darlings, Bombay and Bangles, are the first torch bearers for the 2006 Catolympics.

The momentous event began in the wee hours of the morning. The two B's had to be woken up gently with their favourite tuna-flavoured stinky goodness. They were allowed extra helpings for that extra boost of energy. Bombay especially was very approving of that.

Wha...? Is it time already?

They were very excited about being torch bearers for the Catolympics and very honoured that they were picked to be the first two cats to start off the relay.

Where's the torch? Where's the torch?

There was, however, a moment of confusion when the relay started. I think the sheer brilliance of the flame must have briefly blinded Bombay and Bangles, because they ran off in opposite directions.

Oops! Which way is it?

Fortunately, Bangles regained his sense of direction quickly and both brothers shot off like lightning in the correct direction to the wild cheering of the crowd.

These two torch bearers almost needed a compass

Tomorrow, if all things go well and they don't lose their sense of direction again, Bombay and Bangles would have reached Fat Eric in the United Catdom. Please visit his blog to watch the 2 B's handover the torch to their ginger friend.

Please also visit the official Catolympics' site for the latest updates and schedule of all the cat-citing sports events.

~5-Cat Style

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Zeus' Legends Ball

How exciting!
Zeus, a furry handsome ginger from an expensive-sounding state called Taxes, held the cat blogosphere's furry furst Legends Ball.
Amongst many furrbulous cats and beans, Zeus has honoured my Foster Mommy (5-Cat Style) and her sister (The Flyer), who is also my Godmommy.
You are furry furry kind to do this, Zeus! *headbutts Zeus*

Zeus the gee-nee-oohs cat

Please check out Zeus' furry special event and his list of honourees. The list includes Pyschokitty Max (the furrst feline blogger), Alisha (a furry kind bean who cares for a kitty who needs to be diapered) and Zuleme (another kind bean who promotes no-kill animal shelters).
I'll definitely be working on my list of nominees fur next year's Legends Ball. Oh, this is such a good idea, Zeus! You're a true gee-nee-oohs.
I leave you now with a pikshur of my Foster Mommy on one of her home visits to make sure that my bruffer and I are doing fine in our Furever Home.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for thinking of my Mommies!

The tender touch of my Foster Mommy


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Our 10,000th blog reader is...

I apologise for this VERY late blog entry. I really should have posted this up earlier. But what with my "my-grins" and preparations for The Flyer's birthday party, I could only write this now.

You see, on Wednesday (May 17th, 2006) at 12.41pm, our stats counter clocked our 10,000th blog reader.

That reader is... the very beautiful, the very intelligent, the very special... Miss Patches Lady of The Calico Girls!

I also want to say a HUGE Thank You to each and every one of you who has supported us, and faithfully followed the lives of all our fostered kitties. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!

The gorgeous original Calico Girl -- Miss Patches Lady

~5-Cat Style