Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tiffy The Pretty (part 2)

Tiny Tiffy looking majestic on my blue couch

Rarely is she on my couch like this

Tiffy is more often found lying on its arm

It's really her chill-out spot

She likes staring out at the sunny balcony from there

It's also where she keeps close tabs on me

Tiffy also loves perching herself on the back of the couch

This is her chosen spot for stalking me

Watching me...

Eyeing my every move

Then Tiffy will race along the back of the couch...

... And crouch down suddenly

She has spotted a prey -- my hand!

Tiffy quickly lowers herself to stay hidden

Then POW! She leaps out and chomps down hard

My poor hand stands no chance against this powerful predator

Long after my hand stops struggling...

... Tiffy finally releases it and crouches back down. She waits to see if her kill really is a success

At the first sign of life...

... Tiffy springs up and lays a fatal bite on it

She chomps down once

And then again for good measure

She swipes at it to make sure it really is dead this time

She beats it up just to be doubly sure

Satisfied she walks away without so much as a second glance

But, trust me, it'll only be minutes before her little head is back behind the couch





Tiffy also loves tucking herself behind the seat cushion

Just look at her! She uses it as a second hunting spot

See what I mean

Well, my poor hand can take no more abuse

So if you don't mind, I'll take my leave now

It'll give Tiffy a chance to calm down after the adrenalin rush from all that hunting... and my hand a chance to heal from its many wounds
~5-Cat Style


Anonymous said...

She's a cute little one! I love playing hunter and prey with them kitties too. Too bad they outgrow that stage as they get older.. ;o(

KXBC said...

Not a good idea to use your hand as a toy for her as she will link it to play even when she is older and her bites and claws hurt much more. By then, it will be too late to un-train her and she may also unintentionally hurt someone much younger (say a small kid or an old lady) when she is playing with them. I think this is also one reason why some people get scratched or bitten by strays when they try to pet them. I've seen lots of people with good intentions playing with them, especially when they are kittens, but with their hands.

I find the fishing rod tool a great way when I want to engage them in this predatory play game.

Petey said...

The mom thinks Tiffy is a most beautiful kitten, and she's not fond of cats when they are kittens. She likes them when they are older and more mellow, like me.
All in all, she is really striking in every sense of the word.

Mambo said...

I have the fish rod thingy for bmbs and bags but those monster destroy it after one day! (again!) Well guess i have to head back to daiso to get another one. I notices bombs like to chew on my hand at times but he bites so gently it doesn't hurt you, they kinda know its my hand. Gd to see little tiffy so active and those are great shos i must say...hope she is going to be love much more when she gets backhome with Gucci.


husky9 said...

i love her ears so cute....heehee when she is in between the sofa she looks so squash and adorable :P

Bonnie Underfoot said...

Looking back, my people realize they should have stopped me from playing with their hands and feet, but I was already tough and playing rough, whatever they did. My teeth and claws were so nice and sharp! Rowr! I shredded my woman's legs. Ya-ha-ha. No silly fake prey for me, I wanted flesh. I'm the Attack Tabby, not just a pussycat.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Somebody taught me right; I nibble and play with Mom's hands, but I'd nefur hurt her on purpose. Tiffy looks like she's being careful, too. Mom says Bonnie came mean and stayed that way. I like Tiffy's game; so much fun! How'd you manage to play with one hand an take pictors with the other?

Elaine said...

SOOO CUTE! You're a wonderfully amazing superb photograph! The pictures really capture the essence of the moment and your feelings as well... Really share the warmth and cheer of this kitten as I look through the lovely photographs. :)

=^..^= said...

Hi Mambo, Bombay was always a gentleman. He had the best manners and was always very considerate of us. He is a true knight.

Hi Elaine, thank you for your kind compliment. But it really is because I had such a gorgeous model posing for me. :) Can't go far wrong with that!

Hi Victor, with my left hand as bait to catch Tiffy's attention, I held the camera with my right hand and steadied the cam by resting it on the couch. I made sure I adjusted the settings first to catch all her quick movements. She really is quite the little bullet!

~5-Cat Style

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Scout was a hand pouncer & chewer...mine were in horrible shape for awhile. He did outgrow it. I encouraged him, I admit it. I liked the one on one and the feel of his little self on me. I think it is so amazine the skills a kitten is naturally born with. Superb phote essay!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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