Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flashback Friday: What a Strange Bedfellow

As a kitten,
Slash was marvelous at falling asleep suddenly
in the strangest positions.

Like here...

He is sound asleep while artfully draped over an upright pillow.

No headrush problems for this little dude.

He is as comfy as can be.

~5-Cat Style

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Welcome to Our Boudoir

Today, Slash and I will tell you all about our 'bedroom' history.

The first bed we ever had was Mommy's bed.

We started out sleeping beside her tummy,
then on her legs and finally,
we graduated to sleeping on top of her head.

That sleeping-on-the-head routine coincided nicely
with Mommy's decision to get us our own bed.

And she did!

But, while it was cosy at first, it steadily became more cramped.

So we were very grateful when one of Mommy's friends
got us a second bed last Christmas.

We can now sleep comfily
with lots of room to stretch and spread our limbs.

Slash, being a creature of habit,
preferred the first bed over the second for a long time.

That's because he is the type of kitty who
delights in the familiar and hisses at the new.

Slash enjoys the deep 'bucket' of the first bed.

He likes pressing his cheek against its soft interior.

And he likes the added security of having a 'roof' over his head.

It makes him feel like a King in a very safe castle.

I, on the other hand...

... Took to the second bed right away.

It is so thick and soft and very very inviting.

The very first time I laid down in it,
I was lost in its magic!

So I was happy to have it exclusively to myself.

Over time, Slash found out that
he actually quite approved of the second bed.

So now we take turns.

I will sometimes relax in the first bed.

While he chills out in the second.

Mommy arranged for both beds to be side-by-side
which works out very well for us.

Firstly, we really enjoy snoozing together.

And secondly, I've grown so used to Slash's snoring...

... That hearing it now is very comforting.

And best of all,
sleeping so close side-by-side...

... Allows us to exchange goodnight kisses.

We hope you have enjoyed this introduction to our beds.

We're going to drift off to slumberland now.
Maybe we'll see you there!

~5-Cat Style

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sleepy Sunday

I've gone without sleep for 38 hours working on a research paper.

It didn't help that both Slash and Bronzy
gave me a solid show of support
by snoozing soundly beside me for almost all 38 hours.

Well, I'm leaping into bed now to join them in their neverending siesta.

Have a sleepy Sunday, everyone!

~5-Cat Style

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Please Leave the Dead Bear Alone

It has been a week since Knut the polar bear passed away suddenly in front of horrified zoo visitors. But the cause has yet to be confirmed.

Knut the German Polar Bear

Knut’s short life (only four years) had been wrecked with controversy since his birth, and so it is not unexpected that greater waves of controversy have erupted since his death. All this has brought zoos under severe public scrutiny, with huge uproars over the cheap exploitation and poor welfare of the captive animals.

Baby Knut with his Keeper, Thomas Dörflein

The Berlin Zoo isn’t helping matters. Not with their announcement of their intention to stuff the bear for public display with the flimsy excuse that it would allow Knut’s fans more time to say their goodbyes to him. Many are outraged, and rightly so. This is clearly a distasteful exploitation of the public’s love for the polar bear to earn the zoo more profits.

At such a time, the Berlin Zoo needs to be sensitive towards the feelings of the public and to handle such an emotional affair with delicacy, respect and class. I understand the zoo's need to keep the money coming in, but to be so obviously money-driven at such a time is being myopic. If the Berlin Zoo does go ahead with the taxidermy, it will be a PR disaster for all zoos and more so for the ones that are doing good work in conservation and welfare.

So I say to the Berlin Zoo, please leave Knut’s body alone. Rather than taxidermy, why not set up a gallery of his films and photos? That would be enough for fans to pay tribute to the polar bear they have already given their hearts to.

You will be missed, dear Knut

~5-Cat Style

*Update: Neurologists have confirmed that Knut suffered an epileptic fit that then caused him to fall into the pool and drown. They suspect that his father may have passed on a brain disorder to him. What that brain disorder is has yet to be determined.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dazzling Wildlife Documentaries

I must apologise for being tardy with my blog entries. I am buried under heaps of work and shadowed by several looming deadlines.

For now, please allow me to cross-post an entry that I had written for my uni blog.

Enjoy! :)

~5-Cat Style


Big Cats Rock!

I am a sucker for big cat documentaries.

Whenever an episode on one of the big cats comes on the telly, that’s it. I sprout claws and embed them firmly into the couch. Nothing will move me away from the flashy screen until the show is over.

Therefore, as an ardent devourer of big cat documentaries, I feel that you can trust me when I say that the best of these are created by Dereck and Beverly Joubert.

Dereck and Beverly Joubert are award-winning filmmakers from Botswana

Of all their films, my absolute favourite has to be Eye of the Leopard. It tracks the dramatic life of a 3-day-old leopard cub named Legadema for three years. Before this film, I never realised how swift and and agile leopards are in trees. The way these large, heavy beasts weave through the branches like little squirrels is a magnificent sight.

The mesmerising Lagedema

The most moving segment in this film has to be where Legadema kills a female baboon and stumbles unexpectedly upon her baby. Against our understanding of the viciousness of nature, Legadema picks the baby baboon up and begins to mother it.

National Geographic's Eye of the Leopard

You must now be wondering… So what happened to the baby baboon? Did it survive?

My words will do no justice to this tale. So I will just say, please watch this film to experience the roller-coaster of emotions and breathtaking visuals it will take you through.

Right now, I cannot wait to catch the Jouberts’ newly released film, The Last Lions.

It is about a lone lioness named Ma di Tau (“Mother of Lions”) and the unbelievable obstacles she has to overcome to keep her cubs alive. From an enemy pride of lionesses to hungry crocodiles and dangerous buffaloes, the struggle to survive is brutal.

The Last Lions Official Trailer

For now, I will leave you with a video of the Jouberts’ presentation at TED entitled Life Lessons from Big Cats. It is a peek into the lives of the Jouberts as wildlife film-makers and their efforts in ensuring the survival of the big cats in Africa.

PS. If you would like to contribute towards the big cat conservation, please click here and choose how you would like to help. Every small bit of effort will go a long way in protecting these amazing animals.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We're the Same, Us and Him!

Mommy has seen us using our litterbox many times.
But not once has she been impressed with our deed.

So why was it that last week,
at the Melbourne Zoo,
the sight of a tiger taking a dump
made her eyes pop?

He looks just like any one of us kitties going to the loo, don't you think?

~5-Cat Style

Friday, March 18, 2011

Slash's Self-Esteem At Stake

OMG... I look so dumb!

I'm sure no one will think I'm gorgeous anymore.

I better give myself more baths.

If I can't be floofy....

I can at least be neat and clean.

Do you think that will be enough to keep me attractive to the ladies?

~5-Cat Style

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Are Pink Nipples Manly?

A silly ode to Slash's nipples:

With all that floof out of the way,
Someone's nips are now in full view.
And so I feel I can safely say,
They are soft pink in colour and rosy in hue.

~5-Cat Style

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Slash Fully Recovers

My heart is singing with joy!

My little boy is finally back to his normal naughty self.
Watching him being all playful tonight is such a relief.

Here he is playing Catch-the-Speedy-Bump.

It's alive!

And moving fast!

It zips to the left.

Then shoots to the right.

When my plan to grab it doesn't work...

I move on to Plan B.

That involves begging it to stay still and let me catch it.

I sometimes grovel too.

But there is no negotiating with the cheeky little bump.

So I have no choice but to continue chasing it madly.

~5-Cat Style