Thursday, February 26, 2009

Claws Caught In Action

A week later and the kitties can now be together in the same room without a war erupting in my usually peaceful house. This peace, however, lasts for only a few minutes each time. Still, I am happy to take whatever victory comes my way.

Here are some photos of the battling that went and still goes on.

Bronzy: Muahaha! Kiss these bulging biceps!
Slash: You mean these two mini marshmellows?

Bronzy: Take that back, you feline blimp! Rrrwwwoooaaarrr!!! This is war!

Bronzy: Since the day I arrived, you have been a pain worse than a thermometer in my behind!

Bronzy: I'm gonna kill you! Choke on my un-deoderised pits!!!
Slash: Mmmphfff-nnumhh-murrffhhh!

Slash: That does it! You're the one who's dead now!

Slash: Kiss my fur-riddled carpet!

Bronzy: Take that in the nuts! *chomps down hard*

Slash: Hey, that's not fair! I can't find your nuts.

Bronzy: That's because I'm a girl-cat! Beware my deadly Explosive Claw Strike! Hiyuk!

Bronzy: And my Spitting Cobra Strike! Hiyuk!

Slash: I have no fancy moves. But I can pull your tail! Haha!

Slash: And I can grab your ears!

Slash: And I can... Uh-oh...

Bronzy: You may be bigger and fatter, but I hold the black belt in Bruce Lee's Helicopter Leg Kicks! HIYUK-HIYUK-HIYUK!!!

Slash: Okay, okay... I surrender!

Bronzy: Awwwhh... You know I love you, don't you, bro? I was just showing off.

Slash: I know. And I love you too. Hey, those Helicopter Leg Kicks were really something.
Both: Ahahaha!

~5-Cat Style

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My baby girl, Bronzy

Dear all,

I apologise for my short disappearance. It has been a crazy, hectic and eventful few weeks. But the biggest excitement has to be the welcoming of my new 2-month-old daughter.

Her name is Bronzy and she came to me as a loving gift from a friend. She has a fantastic personality -- affectionate, bold, curious, very happy to be cradled in your arms and adores water. Bathing her is as easy as eating my favourite gelati ice-cream. Bathing Slash, on the other hand, is as tricky as solving the Rubik's Cube while refereeing a WWF wrestling match.

One of my problems, at the moment, is helping Slash and Bronzy get along. In spite of making their introductions as non-threatening and drama-less as possible, I have since had to referee non-stop hissy fits and foil lightning-quick assassination attempts. While I do not expect them to adore each other right away, avoiding bloodshed seems to be a good immediate goal. And I have only one week till the new semester to remove murder from their eyes.

For now, progress is slow. Slash wants to eradicate this intruder, while Bronzy wants to be rid of this predator twice her size and weight.

Suggestions, anyone?

~5-Cat Style

Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Day After The "Snip-Snip"

Why do I feel like I am missing something?

~5-Cat Style

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Mommy, what are we doing tomorrow?

Wha...?! Did you say "Vet" and "snip-snip"?


~5-Cat Style