Thursday, July 19, 2007

Save the Bears, Say "No" to Bear Bile Farming!

Hey, Furdes & Furdettes!

Did you know that there are kitties on a campaign to save bears? Yes, Bears!!! 

Sadly, in China, Korea & Vietnam the bear bile trade is still a thriving industry despite the fact that herbal substitutes have been found to have the very same medical properties that bear bile is supposed to have. 

Bear bile is obtained from a variety methods, including daily puncturing of the gall bladder to extract the bile, making a permanent open incision to the bear's bladder for daily drainage of the bile, and slaughtering of bears in front of customers to ensure 'authenticity' of the bile. For more information please visit this link: Bear Bile Industry.

Please help to spread the message of Animals Asia's campaign to stop bear bile farming in China, as well as those of other animal welfare organisations. 

Simply tag your friends with Animal Asia's permalink using the button above.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

*red-faced and offering kibbles*....

Hello, Dearest Furriends and Beans!

I would like to tell all of you... how very, very sorry I am! I have just been looking through this blog and realised how atrocious I have been with postings! I must admit I have always been better at maintaining the site and coming up with ideas for posts than actually writing them. Hence, actual posting was always something that was more or less left to 5-Cats as she is infinitely more brilliant at writing. But now that she's still unavailable in a cyber sorta way, I've had to do this solo... and man, *shakes head* she's gonna cry when she next visits the blog and see what I've done... or rather not done! I blame it on the fact that I could very possibly be a human-goldfish hybrid: I honestly do have a memory and attention span of 2-seconds! *flaunts fins*

Thank you for patiently waiting for 5-Cats' return to the cyberworld to bring more great, warm and fuzzy happy tickles to our tummies, and more adventures of Bombay, Bangles and our other furrntastic furriends! I want to say a BIG thank-you to those who have been kind enough to still visit and even leave comments. THANK YOOOOOOO!

And so here again, I, pathetically, offer you yet another comic poster. This White-Out special comes with a heave of a sigh of relief in face of the recent posts of the strange and bizarre! Enjoy! *tosses kibbles in the air like confetti*

~ The Flyer

Monday, July 02, 2007

Lost World!

~ The Flyer