Sunday, July 15, 2007

*red-faced and offering kibbles*....

Hello, Dearest Furriends and Beans!

I would like to tell all of you... how very, very sorry I am! I have just been looking through this blog and realised how atrocious I have been with postings! I must admit I have always been better at maintaining the site and coming up with ideas for posts than actually writing them. Hence, actual posting was always something that was more or less left to 5-Cats as she is infinitely more brilliant at writing. But now that she's still unavailable in a cyber sorta way, I've had to do this solo... and man, *shakes head* she's gonna cry when she next visits the blog and see what I've done... or rather not done! I blame it on the fact that I could very possibly be a human-goldfish hybrid: I honestly do have a memory and attention span of 2-seconds! *flaunts fins*

Thank you for patiently waiting for 5-Cats' return to the cyberworld to bring more great, warm and fuzzy happy tickles to our tummies, and more adventures of Bombay, Bangles and our other furrntastic furriends! I want to say a BIG thank-you to those who have been kind enough to still visit and even leave comments. THANK YOOOOOOO!

And so here again, I, pathetically, offer you yet another comic poster. This White-Out special comes with a heave of a sigh of relief in face of the recent posts of the strange and bizarre! Enjoy! *tosses kibbles in the air like confetti*

~ The Flyer


Daisy said...

Uh oh! Be very careful. I have heard that albino deer are the most vishus of all! And they bark, too? Yikes!

Lux said...

Those are beautiful pictures, even if the deer are vishus!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Hello!! Nice to see you again. Those pictures are quite vishus!!!


=^..^= said...

It seems like the Albino deers are really revered in Thailand... just like white tigers and white elephants, I guess. Aren't those white lion cubs just the cutest things ever? They literally white like snow, with their cute pink noses and tongues like pink icing!

~The Flyer

=^..^= said...
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Victor Tabbycat said...

All of us are busy at times... part of friendship is accepting that! The posters are fun and those lion cubs are ADORABLE!!! Hugs and purrs!

calsifer said...

Hi hi!
Am commenting with an ulterior motive. Please forgive me, but: Tag, you’re it! Join the Save the Bears, Save the World Meme started by FiveCats Mom. Stop bear bile farming today.

My tag: Save the Bears, Save the World

Original tag:

btw, for your ref. White tigers and white lions: meet the real captive-bred white tiger.

=^..^= said...

Victor: Thanks, hugs and purrs to you too!

Calsifer: Thanks for all the links! I didn't realise the extent of the problem behind captive white tigers and other animal hybrids before this. Thank you so much for enlightening me about it. It is a serious problem and I hope it gets more public attention. (It goes back to remind me about the very tragic and perpetual problem of Pink Dolphins in Singapore: And thanks for the tag! I'm more than happy to carry it on! ;D

~The Flyer

calsifer said...

:) Thank you so much for carrying the tag!

The breeding/inbreeding that goes on in the quest to satiate human-set standards of aesthetics is really something that depresses. Just one more - white cats with blue eyes. (Ref the dolphins: I know what you mean. It is just outrageous that the aquarium is allowed to continue keeping these highly-endangered wild-caught animals from Thailand despite irregularities in the way they were 'obtained'.)

Thanks for taking the time to read. With the greater readership on here, am sure more will get to learn than through tec. =D