Friday, June 30, 2006


To those with my mobile number, please be very careful with it. Do not give it out to anyone without my permission first.

I've been receiving crank calls and prank SMSes on my mobile. This is something I can do without at this time. I can't change my number now because of this Gucci-Tiffy case. It is vital that I can be reached at my old number.

I beg for your co-operation. Thanks.

~5-Cat Style

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Where things stand now

I spent almost the whole of today on the phone with a very experienced CWS member, trying to decide on the best course of action to ensure Gucci's safety.

We considered many different ways we could approach this matter... we looked at every possibe resulting scenerio from different angles and weighed the pros and cons of each very carefully.

This is the gist of what we have decided to do...

We will give the family a little time to calm down. They are so emotionally charged right now that almost anything we do will surely be met with resistance. When the family is calmer and more receptive, we will try and work out an arrangement for Gucci. In the mean time, we will be keeping a close watch on things.

I'm sorry I can't reveal more right now. Please trust that we are doing the best we can in such a sticky situation. I wish it were as simple as just going in and taking Gucci back with me... but it isn't. There are so many things to consider, each one delicate with its own set of risks.

For now, I will share with you that both Melissa's parents have expressed that they do not want to give Gucci up, not even to be fostered out for a short period while they sort themselves out. Both maintain that Gucci is a well-behaved and well-trained cat and so he is not causing any trouble to them.

Melissa herself, however, has asked to be given some time to think things through so that she can decide if Gucci will be fostered out to me.

~5-Cat Style

So here's what happened yesterday...

The Flyer and I rushed down to AVA before 9am. Even though I knew fully well the urgency of the situation, I thought that this would still be a simple-enough rescue mission... that I would just go in and collect her. It never occurred to me to prepare myself for the worst. How foolish.

We got there and made our way to a small room. I walked in and there were two gentlemen in there, both wore long faces and heavy expressions. I introduced myself and told them why I was there, and I gave them the details about Tiffy.

The men did not seem surprised to see me at all. In fact, one of them, a Doctor, promptly told me that they were in the midst of discussing my case. They had just gotten off the phone with a CWS volunteer who was helping me to locate Tiffy. They had confirmed with her that Tiffy was indeed sent to them on Monday from a Mister So-and-So from a 'specific' area.

"Can I have her?" I asked, thinking that this settles the whole matter.

The Doctor shook his head and muttered, "I'm sorry. She was put down yesterday." He went on to explain that he hadn't realised that anyone was coming to claim her. He said that the man who had brought her in told AVA staff that she was a stray loitering in the corridor and that nobody wanted her. Because they have so many cats brought to them each day, they really do not have the space to hold on to the cats for long. The cats are all put down very quickly.

There wasn't even a chance that maybe... just maybe... Tiffy was still alive... that the Doctor was referring to a different cat, one who looked similar to Tiffy. Why? Because the CWS volunteers had already sent in a photo of Tiffy to AVA for identification. There was no room for an error.
Little Tiffy paid the price for a family's bitterness towards each other with her life
Now... I'm frustrated over two things.

One: Why didn't Melissa come to me the moment she discovered Tiffy was missing? If she had alerted me on Monday night itself when she realised that Tiffy was gone, even Tuesday morning, there was a better chance that I might have reached AVA in time to save her. But, because I was informed only on Tuesday afternoon, it was by then way too late to do anything for Tiffy. She had been put down on Tuesday itself just before noon.

As a foster, I don't just focus my efforts purely on the cats. I do my best to build up a good-enough relationship with the families my cats go to. I maintain regular contact with all my cats' adopters through e-mail, phone calls, SMSes, home visits and the occasional outing. And I've always made it absolutely clear to all the adopters that if any sort of trouble with the cats came up, they should and MUST come to me soonest. I CAN help and I WILL help. I've promised them that.

So where did I fail? Is it because I'm not approachable enough so Melissa did not feel like she could come to me? Maybe I haven't been enough of a friendly confidant? I don't know. I really don't.

Two: Tiffy's death was completely unnecessary. The bitterness and unresolved issues plaguing this family brought on such intense emotions that Tiffy had to die? I find this hard to swollow.

But it happened. And while I want to cry and rage, I have to reign in my own emotions and try to take control of the situation as best as I can. There is that one other kitty I have to think of and protect -- Gucci.

I spoke to Melissa's Mum yesterday afternoon. I explained to her that while I do not claim to know what was going on in her family, it is clear enough that things are not all fine... the family is now divided over this tragic incident and that I deeply regret, but I hoped that she would be able to bring everyone together one more time, to decide as a family if they truly wanted to keep Gucci.

I asked her what the situation was like for Gucci back home... if her husband was really okay with the cat. Melissa's Mum revealed that there were problems. I will not say now what these problems are because I would like to be able to work them out privately with the family. But these are serious problems that need to be sorted out quickly for Gucci's sake.

While I am deeply concerned for Gucci's safety, I am not about to forcibly remove him from Melissa's home. I believe that Melissa and her sister do love Gucci. But I have to find a way to help them understand that plain loving is not enough. Being a responsible pet owner has other requirements too. And these requirements must be fulfilled in order for both pet and family to live happily together.

They must also understand that they cannot 'play hero' in all situations. While they are more than able to defend themselves and fight for their own rights, certain other members of their family can't. All Melissa's Dad has to do is to wait until everyone is out of the house to get up to his nonsense again. And now that we know his 'pattern', we really can't risk that. The price to pay for such a mistake is just too high. And we all know who will be made to pay for it.

Melissa, her Mum and her sis, I believe, are good people. They just need some guidance to make the correct decisions for Gucci and themselves. Being in the emotional situation they are in, this will be doubly hard to do... but it isn't impossible. We are here to help them. I hope they accept the help and do what's best for Gucci.

I have so much more to add, but it is almost 3.30am now and I am wiped out. I will write more tomorrow.

~5-Cat Style

PS. A big 'Thank You' to all of you who wrote in and offered us your support and kind words. Your messages, SMSes and phone calls helped us through a very difficult day.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It could have been Breakfast with Tiffy...

Today is sad day. We found out that we lost Tiffy. It was a hopeless cause from the beginning, and the worst part... we didn't even know it.

Melissa could have contacted 5-Cat Style the moment she found out that Tiffy had been catnapped. We would have been in time. We could have made it, even if only in the nick of time... we would have made it. Now she's gone.

And so unnecessarily...

I wish Tiffy's family had realised her unconditional love for them. I wish they remembered the joy she gave to them more often than they remembered her innocent mistakes. I wish they had loved her as a part of the family. I wish her family did not give up on her so quickly... so easily. This easily. I wish they had given her a real chance.

But wishes are so pointless now.

Melissa and Charissa are grieving for a lost friend, their father will grieve when he realises that he has lost a part of his daughters, and their mother will be grieving for a family she has lost tonight... But only let it be for tonight. Prolonging the anger & hatred would be prolonging the tragedy of Tiffy's life. And that is not what Tiffy was about. I pray that Melissa and her family will now learn from Tiffy's death and work through their problems together, as a family should, full of love and understanding for each other... just as Tiffy would have done, given that chance.

We don't abandon our children when they make mistakes. And we grow old forgiving our guardians for theirs. Even I might be peeing and pooing with wild abandon if I never grew up with the patience and guidance that my parents showed me, with all that pampers and midnight scrubbings of soiled mattresses and underwear. Tiffy would have learnt and appreciated the uses and conveniences of the litterbox, if she were just given a little bit more time.


Tiffy has gone back to God and I believe she has resolved much of her karma. As my Guru says, it will only mean that her rebirth will be in a more joyous lot, that she will be one step closer to Absolute Realization, Absolute Bliss. I pray that Tiffy will always be full of love and God... just as she was in the short life that I knew her in.

I wish I had the honour and pleasure of knowing you longer, Tiffy. Even if just for one more day, I would be thankful if I could hold you again and wheeze as your fur invade my nostrils. Tiffy, I only knew you for one short night. But what a night it was. What a night!

Thank you and forever, you'll be in my heart.

With Love...
and A secret rainbow...

Humbly and Gratefully yours,

The Flyer

P.S. Dear Melissa, I never had the honour of meeting you, Gucci's beloved mum, but I hope you will trust that 5CS & I only ever have the cats' interests at heart. If ever things get too difficult to bear at home and some timeout with your dad seems imminent, please remember that our home is always open to Gucci as a loving haven to weather out the storm, and our ears and arms are ever open if you should need some assistance. Take care, Friend.

We were too late

Tiffy was put down in the late morning yesterday. We have lost her.

~5-Cat Style

A rush to save Tiffy

Dear Readers,
I received the worst news ever today.
An upset Melissa, Gucci and Tiffy's Mommy, broke the news to me that her Dad had taken Tiffy to the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal) yesterday afternoon without telling anyone else in the family. She only discovered that Tiffy was missing after she had reached home late last night.

It seems like Tiffy had been pooing in inappropriate places all over the house and her Dad got completely fed-up and demanded for Tiffy to go. Melissa told him that she had arranged for a friend to take her in tomorrow. But yesterday, without telling anyone else, he took Tiffy away and left her at the SPCA.
I immediately got on the phone with two CWS volunteers and asked for assistance. Both of them rushed down right away to the SPCA to try and retrieve Tiffy. Time was of the essence since the SPCA is quick to put animals down because they have so little space for the many many abandoned animals brought to them each day.
In spite of the details I had given the volunteers to help locate Tiffy, the SPCA staff could not trace her. The volunteers began to suspect that maybe Tiffy wasn't brought to the SPCA after all.
Without going into too many details about the happenings going on in Melissa's family, let's just say that after a bit of drama I managed to find out where her Dad had left Tiffy. He had taken her to the AVA (Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore) instead. Because it was after 5pm by then, the office was closed.

So first thing bright and early tomorrow, The Flyer and I will be rushing down to AVA to try and retrieve Tiffy. I really really REALLY hope she hasn't been put down yet. This really is a rush against time to save little Tiffy's life.
~5-Cat Style

PS. I spoke to Melissa about Gucci and if there was any trouble brewing for him at home. She says that he is a well-trained cat and very disciplined with the use of the litterbox. So her Dad has no problems with Gucci. I've told her that she MUST get in touch with me at the first sign of any trouble because it would be so much easier for me to intervene and help solve any problems early at the start than to wait till it is almost too late.
Photos courtesy of Melissa & Kenny

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Becoming inseparable

Gucci and Tiffy are getting along so well together, they are growing closer and closer to each other with every passing day and becoming almost inseparable.

Waking up in the mornings together...

... Falling asleep at bedtime together
Ain't it sweet? They certainly have come a long way, haven't they?
~5-Cat Style
Photos courtesy of Melissa & Kenny

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Strange cat behaviour

Here's a most doggy-like kitty, growls and all.

Here's one that says "Hey!" the human way.

Whoah! Who's more scared here? The cat or his humans?
~5-Cat Style

Friday, June 16, 2006

'Scuse me... Can you tell me...

Photos courtesy of Melissa & Kenny

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Thing has ZERO manners!

Photos courtesy of Melissa & Kenny

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bangles' new passion is...


Photo courtesy of Melvin & Stephanie

Saturday, June 10, 2006

See... Told cha I'm not fat!

My Daddy is still hopeless at finding good camera angles for me. So I've decided to take things into my own paws. I've found many furry slimming poses that I can use.
Slimming Pose 1

Pose behind objects that can hide a full belly
Slimming Pose 2

Scrunched-up shoulders + Sucked-in belly = SEXY
Slimming Pose 3
Lowered head to hide triple chin + Sucked-in belly + Ferocious bite to unsuspecting victim = Sexy slender feline predator
I shure think that bean supurrmodels too can learn a thing or two furrom sexy sexy me!
Photos courtesy of Melvin & Stephanie

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Am I Fat? AM I FAT?!!!

Absolutely NOT! I am soooo not fat!
It's just that my Daddy keeps taking all these horrible unflattering photos of me. Just look at these...

My chest looks fat, my neck looks thick, and I look like I've just grown a 3rd chin

I look like a pregnant Tom from this atrocious angle!

Oh, my beautiful sexy behind... it looks so swollen!
Somebody purrliss teach my Daddy to take better shots of me. His photos do my beauty and sexiness no justice at all!
Photos courtesy of Melvin & Stephanie