Wednesday, June 28, 2006

We were too late

Tiffy was put down in the late morning yesterday. We have lost her.

~5-Cat Style


kuro.shiro.neko said...

what an idiot father, with no regards for the daughter and for another life!

pls take gucci away before something bad happens to him too. the family is not suited to keep pets.


Moglee said...

OH NO!!!! I am so sorry tiffy!!!!So sorry we did not come in time!

Mary said...

My goodness, such a lovely kitten. How can/why did AVA make the decision to put Tiffy down so fast. What is the 'NATURE OF BUSINESS' FOR AVA? TO PUT ANIMALS DOWN?? Why didn't they think of contacting SPCA to see if Tiffy is adoptable? Melissa, Tiffy should never have to go through this, i wish you had contacted 5-Cat Style & The Flyer earlier, i wish you had returned home earlier to help care for Tiffy, i wish, can only wish because i am feeling very sore for Tiffy and the kitten who died at Hooi's hand. i suggest you do not adopt any more kitten because there is no guarantee history will not repeat itself. i feel sorry for your loss but i feel worse for the lost of an innocent lives.

Moglee said...

It should not have happened this way for Tiffy. She is full of hopes. Loving brother, people and readers who love and cheer her all the way. 5 Cat, Please consider another home for Gucci.

Melissa and her family are irresponsible and cruel. Does not matter who does it. Another innocent life is taken away without a chance to proof herself she can change her habits. She is only a baby!

Damn the BAD FATHER!!!

=^..^= said...

Dear all,

It is an emotional time for me. But I have to be strong and keep my head on my shoulders because I know there are many important decisions I have to make now. I will try and handle these matters as sensitively as I can.

I'm sorry I cannot offer more details now. But when I get home later tonight, I will explain more about what had happened today.

I grief over the loss of Tiffy. I have failed her.

~5-Cat Style

Anonymous said...

Dear 5-Cat Style,

I am sorry but please please please consider another home for Gucci. Whatever he is ok now, we don't know what happen to him later.

Mary said...

Dear 5-Cat Style, you did not failed Tiffy. Melissa and her family are the one who failed Tiffy for Tiffy had given them much love and joy. You had hope Tiffy be given a warm home, you did not anticipate this outcome, and neither did we for there never was any hint. You have to monitor future adopters closely, and may be have more house visit to access the relationship between the feline and the live-in family.

Sexy Babelicious said...

Sometimes in life we do not know what to expect. THe only ones to blame are the ones who put Tiffy there, which would be her father. It is true that there maybe some other family reasons as to what is going on with the family but we must consider the safety and care for Gucci, as that is what is most important.

I hope all is resolved and I feel terrible that Tiffy is now gone but hope now she is in a better place.

Moglee said...

You wrote that Tiffy was put down yesterday morning. Melissa told you that bastard took Tiffy to SPCA yesterday afternoon.

Dear 5 Cat, clearly someone did not call you fast enough. You weren't given the whole story then. There was nothing you could do when you realised the truth.

You take care, ok?

Mary said...

Hi Moglee, you are right regarding the timing. Why did Melissa only informed yesterday afternoon about Tiffy disappearance? If i am her, i would have immediately called SPCA no matter how late(as she had thought Tiffy was sent there), i would have immediately called 5 Cat crying my heart out. If the right info were relayed on time, Tiffy may still be alive and well. A telephone call to hold back is all AVA need.

Mambo said...

Do not blame AVA for what they have done. I believe they receive many cute adorable animals every single day and if they start keeping every single one the place wouldn't be big enough. They are merely doing their job.

Those that are to blame are the family. They may have family issues we cannot intervene, but as a pet owner they have to be together in this and solve problems not merely chucking it away and letting what has already happen. TIffy has gone to a better place i believe and i always believe in Karma for what has happen.

The question now is if Gucci is safe there anymore after what has happen? Can they assure us that what happen to Tiffy wouldn't happen to Gucci if he makes a mistake? I know Bombay & Bangles would be furious to know what has happen. No matter what my little monsters destroy in my room, i would never do what they have done to Tiffy...

Too many if only...nothing we can do will bring sweet tiffy back, but the least we can do is to prevent it from happenning to Gucci.

May God Bless the Sweet Innocent Soul Of Tiffy.

*cHaR|sSa* said...

Do you all think we have a choice ? If we had a choice i would have immediately called spca or ava. But the thing was when i asked my father he only gave me a answer that he gave it away. he refusing to tell me where tiffy was. I tried forcing it out of him. i shouted at him. He refused to say. how would i know Tiffy was send to AVA ??????????? Do you all think me n my sis are having a good time now ??????? How would u feel if everybody calls u heartless ???? how would u feel if everybody blames you ????? you all don't have the right to call us that !!!! u all don't even know what is the situation now in our family. Tiffy stayed with us. Do u think we don't feel a million times more terrible than all of u ????
Melissa's sister (charissa)

Cat said...
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Cat said...

Dear Melissa, Charissa, 5-Cat Style & Flyer,

I am so sorry to hear about Tiffy.

There is no point blaming anyone now.

You obviously do love Tiffy very much, otherwise you wouldn't have taken so many beautiful pictures of her.

Take comfort that you have had Tiffy in your lives & had the opportunity to love her & gave her a wonderful & loving home.

Take care,

Moglee said...


Yes you have a choice! There was warning sign and you bought time. You deserved to be scolded.

I am a cold heartless person and i don't think kindly of people like your father.

Whatever situation is happening in your family now I don't care, just make sure Gucci is safe and alright. Cats can sense what happened.

Mary said...

Dear Charissa, we always have choices. Tiffy was never welcomed by your father, what did you do to help Tiffy be accepted, what did you do to protect Tiffy? In the presence of your father, does Tiffy feel safe, yet she was left alone with him. You cannot blame anyone of us for our outburst, we feel sorry for Tiffy because TIFFY is INNOCENT in this whole saga. Timing is always crucial in saving a life, why did 'cry for help' to 5 Cats come so late?

KXBC said...

To Melissa and Charissa, for Gucci's well being, may I suggest that he be fostered for the time being (maybe 5-Cat and Flyer can help) until you sort things out with the family.

I have no doubt Melissa and you love Gucci but there is a fundamental problem in your family which needs to be solved urgently. And if it cannot be solved, perhaps Gucci would do better in another home, without fear that it will end up in the SPCA/AVA one fine day.

If you love Gucci, you will do whatever is in his best interest. Until all family members are in for having a pet cat would Gucci be safe.

I feel so sad that innocent Tiffy's life was lost in this battle within your family. She would have made another family/person really happy.

To all other potential pet owners, don't have a pet if anyone of your family members object to the idea. It is always a life long commitment and no matter what mischief your pet does during its lifetime, you had already given it your pledge that you will love and take care of it till it passes on.

*cHaR|sSa* said...

Do u think i could control my father ??????? u mean i don't have other things to do ? u mean i didn't have sch ? u mean i must stay at home 24 hours to make sure the cats are not left alone at home alone with my father ????? u mean i can control whatever my father wants to do ???? u mean i didn't protect Tiffy ???? u mean my sister had't protect Tiffy ????

If we didn't Tiffy would had stayed with us for so many months !!!!

If u don't know what happened when Tiffy was staying at my house, u have no right to judge me n my sister.

KXBC said...

To 5-Cat and Flyer

You will have to keep your chin up and store emotions away for the time being as you handle this issue. Your logical minds will work out the best solution for Gucci.

And it's not your fault that Tiffy is gone forever. The family will have to take a hard look at themselves and their actions.

*cHaR|sSa* said...

No one knew Tiffy was taken away. ok. No one knew. How would i know where he brought Tiffy to ??? We tried means and ways to train Tiffy well. We didn't want to give Tiffy up. We never thought of bringing Tiffy away. You think we didn't want to inform 5 cat style & flyer earlier ? We didn't even know where Tiffy was exactly. Blame us for saying that Tiffy was at spca ? We didn't even know AVA existed until today. you think we wanted things to turn out like tt ???? call us whatever u want. But we know we already tried to protect Tiffy.

auntie p said...

*Pat pat 5Cs and Charissa*


Anonymous said...

The outburst by Charissa demonstrated that any pets are not safe in their house. It is wise to relocate Gucci now.

*cHaR|sSa* said...

what do u mean tt pets are not safe in my house ??????????? Can't i just vent out unhappiness now that Tiffy is gone ?????? u mean when u are angry n sad u don't vent it out. I have no wish to talk to pple who say things which haven't gone thru their minds yet.

Fiona said...

No use pointing fingers anymore.Charissa and Melissa's father is a murderer. That's the truth. I wonder how is he able to sleep at night. May he be haunted by the fact that he killed a cat who had a soul, just becos of some misbehaviour.

Charissa and Melissa, I believe you do feel like shit at this moment. If I were you, I won't be able to forgive myself. Do move on and think for Gucci.

Mary said...

Charlssa, all these outburst is not doing you any good. The main issue - Tiffy has been unfairly killed, and your father has lied. Nothing can bring Tiffy back. You are living with your father - may be you have to respect his wishes he may not like animals in his house. When you have your own house, you can then start adopting and give the many animals a home. In the meantime, you have to agree Gucci may not be safe staying with you, and with all the shouting and 'fighting' going on now, he will definitely feel stress; so may be you like to let 5 Cat helps you with Gucci.

*cHaR|sSa* said...

I just hate it when we are blamed. Me n my sis didn't kill Tiffy. And it wasn't like we didn't protect Tiffy. It's just so unfair to us. I can't pretend that i didn't see those things that were written of us. We are already feeling a million times terrible than all of u. And yet we are getting remarks like murderer, heartless, cruel etc etc. It's so unfair to us. Anyway, i am not going to carry on all this anymore. And btw it's not like my father doesn't like animals. he likes Gucci alot. the reason why Chanel was not getting favor was because she wasn't toilet trained like gucci. If my house is not safe for animals than wewouldn't have had 6 rabbits, 4-5 hamsters staying at my house before gucci n chanel came in. Anyway, not going to continue with all this anymore. Whateber u all wanna say abt us i m not going to read anymore. bye

mrs budak said...

Condolences to Melissa and Charissa. Very sad to hear that this has happened. One bad news after another today :(

Anonymous said...

I feel like slapping Charissa. By the time Melissa told 5 Cat about Tiffy, she was dead!!! She was at AVA for the last 48 hours before yesterday morning. Before she was KILLED! You don;t know AVA???GOD! And you have so many animals in your house! You don;t know Tiffy was taken away? You mean for the last 3 days you came home not knowing Tiffy is gone? What kind of a pet owner are you? Take responsibility of what happened to Tiffy. You are as much to be blamed as your father. Such Childish behaviour and thinking! Disgusting!

melissa said...

moglee & mary > i guess u wld prob want to tk back ur words abt me n my sis. since u dont rly noe what actually and the events that took place, i guess u might want to find out first.

i already told him (him referring to my mum's husband, fyi)that my friend wanted Tiffy the night before she was taken away by him.

i returned home at night with cat food only to find out that Tiffy was gone.

and i told shireen right next day. after which she got 2 volunteers to go down to SPCA, which i was told that Tiffy was there by him. And they went down, only to find out that the info was wrong. i immediately got my sis to call him and ask him where Tiffy was, and he told me sis to tell me to get shireen to call him and ask.

shireen called and spoke to my mum with him shouting at the background and was told that Tiffy was actually at AVA, not SPCA.

it was already evening by then after all these conversations and truths were out.

shireen went down to AVA this morning and i received the dreadful call that Tiffy was already put to sleep yesterday.

this is the whole story. i tried all ways and means to keep Tiffy, but when i realised that giving it to another family might be better for her. i lost the chance.

you're adults im sure. and im sure you can tell who is the one lying and caused tiffy's death.

seriously, to mary and moglee.. if blaming me and my sis, telling us to give gucci away, scolding us when we are the innocent parties in this family tragedy will make u feel better than how i'm feeling, by all means..blame us all u want.

i just hope u'll feel ashamed of urself when ur minds are cleared.

and anyway, gucci is staying put. ive already lost one, no way am i gng to lose another even if it means moving out away frm my own house.


melissa said...

to that person with chinese name:

are u sure u noe wads gng on? 48 hrs? or is it just that u dont noe how to tell the time?

if u want, speak to me. not to my sis. she's still young.

Anonymous said...

5 Cat Style, You have not let Tiffy down. In fact, it is only through your effort in sharing her photos and story on your blog that world has had the pleasure of knowing little Tiffy.

And you were not the one who passed Tiffy to them for adoption in the first place. They found Tif and decided to bring her home.

However, there is the matter of Gucci, who remains in this most unstable and, as it turns out, dangerous of environments. Please consider taking him back before it's too late. I remember the father thought he was bad luck because of his colour. Things may be ok now but who knows what the father will do if he changes his mind?

Melissa and Charissa, until u set up a home of your own with your own rules, hanging on to Gucci just because you don't want to lose another may not be in his best interests.

KXBC said...


My Xin Xin had always been my cleanest cat, always all fur in place, smells super nice and with very good litterbox habits.

However for the past 6 months, Xin Xin has been defecating outside the litter box for reasons still unknown to us (medical ruled out). Everyday, we would have to clean up after her. It's a shit job but never once have we ever consider punishing her. Why? Because she is our daughter and she is a part of the family. We will rather pick up after her for the rest of my life than throw her out because of this.

And I know of another cat owner who has this problem. Even my vet's cat has a litterbox problem. But to them, cleaning up is not a big deal.

Charissa, I know you are young and thus this outburst. You are unhappy because you feel that your sister and yourself feel unfairly treated. You are not wrong but you are not right either. Tiffy lost her life because of an action by your family member. Now how fair is that to her?

Perhaps it would be in Gucci's best interest to find another loving home. What if one day he starts pooping in the wrong places like Tiffy? Or what if he does something wrong again? Melissa and you would have an uneasy time from then on because you may not find him again when you reach home. If you love Gucci very much, please discuss this with 5-Cat and The Flyer what should be done in Gucci's best interest.

Anonymous said...

I am very sad that Tiffy is gone, the cat is so so cute...

I am just sad that things turn out this way... you guys need to communicate to your dad a lot after this incident, let him know how the web community has response after his actions; He should have spoken to you all first before acting, and I presume he knew that the cat will be put down as soon as it was sent to AVA... it's all about communication lor... because Tiffy was supposed to sent to another person right?

Just sad that things turn out like that; Personally if my dad has done this to me without ever consulting me, I might have disown him, serious; I had a friend whose father just threw away her old laptop like that, without asking her, she was very angry

But this is a life we are talking about here, you all really need to have a good talk with him, and let him know the reprecussions he has caused... he has to bare some responsibilities of his actions...

Let's just hope this kind of thing won't ever happen again, cheers

meekie said...

Poor Tiffy. T.T

Moglee said...

Dear Melissa

I meant what I said.

I mentioned before I don;t care what is happening with your family. My concern is only for Gucci.

melissa said...

chinese name:

im not to my mum's husband any more.

and frm what my mum told me just now, HE thought they wld put it to slp only after 3 days

melissa said...


u noe what?

i dont care what u tnk either.

if ure still gng to be so rude, i dont tnk i need to be polite to u any more.

im not in the best of moods now. so i guess u wld rather not piss me off any further.

thank u.

bluemistz said...

Hi All,

Please be fair to Melissa and her sis. I am sure they are feeling much much worse than those of us who have only seen tiffy's photos online.

It is a great pain to lose a beloved feline friend. It is really uncalled for to force them to give up their other love. In fact, I don't think we even have the rights.

We should now give them suggestions of how Gucci can be kept safe. Moving out is a good option, or locking the room while you are out? asking your neighbours to check on Gucci, or foster? Boarding?

Mary said...

Hi Melissa, i do not feel ashamed and have no reason to feel ashamed; and i do not take back my words/thought. There is nothing personal in this forum. The whole household is involved, your father decision was not sudden, he must have hinted about Tiffy. Tiffy is now gone, and well wishes is worry about Gucci. Given your current situation and your attitudes towards your father, can you be sure Gucci will be safe with him in your absence?

melissa said...

it was a sudden decision fyi.

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa,

It is indeed sad that such tragedy happened. I believe that you really care for her as she looked so adoreable and healthy and contented in your pics.
But when bad things happened to the pets, naturally the owner will get the blame. Why? Because we as human beings must/naturally know what best for our pets, what will harm our pets. That's why cat proofing house comes in. We cant control the cats but we can control tragedy from happening. It is quit rare that cat proofing house extended to cat proofing human. The person that directly caused the death of Tiffy is the one should be blamed! Why he can let an animal die so easily?? We are suppose to be the more superior specises. We can think, we have feelings..Why we can harm one life that already that insignicant to the superior species? Why is it he cant tolerate such minor things? Baby and children cant control their motion, not to mention kitten which couldnt think like human being and never easily to learn to go to the toilet themselves! So will he throw away his own children if they pass motion in the wrong place? Since he loves Gucci, but can he prepare to tolerate when Gucci get old and couldnt control his business anymore?
Melissa, I understand your love to Gucci, no one wants to give up their own baby. but this time round, set aside the guilt and sadness, start to think how can you prevent the second tragedy from happening. Talk to your father, educate him and prepare him that one day Gucci will does what Tiffy had done... If he doesnt understand a word you said or ignore what you trying to say, i think it is better to lock Gucci in your bedroom when you are not at home or the last resort give him away. I think it is not wise holding on to Gucci just because you just lost a cat. The issues are your father and the safetly of Gucci. Cool down, learn from the mistake and tackle the problem.

melissa said...

u tnk i dont want to educate him?

i nearly got whacked ok.

Mary said...

Hi Melissa, side some quiet time aside and pray for Tiffy good rebirth. Do take care of yourself in your grief, and do not provoke your father further, it will not bring Tiffy back.

Anonymous said...

i think we should not blame melissa & her sister anymore. If things had to happen, it will happen. Just a matter of time. No one is able to predict wat will happen in the next few sec,mins or hours. If we can prevent any unhappy events, none of our pets or even loved ones will die. it's part & parcel of life. My grandfather died 5 weeks ago. For this, who can we blame? I guess we still have to move on with life no matter how hurting it feels.Be contented & treasure what you have now.

Anonymous said...

I am speechless at the father's callousness and disregard for life, not to mention his own daughters' feelings.

Melissa, I am terribly sorry for your loss. I also feel sorry for the rift I am sure this will cause in your family and I hope that you will have the courage to act in Gucci's best interests and do so without delay.

melissa said...

thank you .. im sorry if i sounded rude earlier on. im rly traumatized after shireen's call this morning and i have not stopped crying till now.

im sorry this had to happen to tiffy and all cat lovers.

im rly sorry.

Anonymous said...

Melissa, you had already taken steps to give Tiffy away even though it must have been a hard decision for you. And you had communicated this to your father. So as far as he was concerned there was light at the end of the tunnel. Yet he chose to do what he did. For reasons known only to himself.

Please don't feel guilty. It wasn't your fault.

Anonymous said...

u nearly got whacked? So he is those typical abusive man leh? Why dun you just tell him that next time when he get old, you are the one looking after him! So whether he want to have a gd life or ended up in home folk home start now! These kind of pple we shouldnt give chance. My parents also similar. dun like just hit lor..even right up to when im teenager. i used to not try to defend myself or aurge with them so now im nearly 30. They still havent learnt anything... flare up like nonody business!! if im you, i'll threaten to not look after him when he is old or threaten to hit back! These kind of person we should not fear of! Stare at him straight into his eyes !

Jasmine said...

This is such a sad story. It made cry to read what happened to poor little Tiffy. :~(

kuro.shiro.neko said...

Hi Melissa and Charissa

I know what it's like to have someone in the household that do not love cats the way you do.

So, when I and other cat lovers suggest that Gucci should be fostered out immediately, it's really for Gucci's own good.

This is not to put the blame on you (I am sure you feel bad if not worse than any one of the cat lovers), but this is for long term good of your family, your relationship, and your future for keeping pets.

Naturally you will be angry with your father. But I suggest you talk it out with him, let him understand that what he did was breaking your trust, etc

Anger and cold war will not solve the problem.

I am giving all these advice as a 3rd party. Of course, I do not know what went on before Tiffy was taken away, or what's going on now. But do think about what I have just said.

Cool head now will be most helpful.

What's done cant be undone. What's important is how you pick up the pieces.

Celeste Lock said...

Dear all

I'm terribly sorry and sad over Tiffy. I cried when I received news about Tiffy's death from 5-Cat Style. If I'm already so upset, 5-Cat Style, Melissa and Charissa no doubt would be sadder. Yet in the midst of all the heartaches and tears, I am filled with rage. I am mad with the father for being so impulsive and selfish, for being such a tyrant. I am mad because in the entire saga, Tiffy had to be the innocent victim and she is just a kitten.

I think it would be in Gucci's best interest to have a heart-to-heart talk with the father. Find out what made him go to such extremes (if he can love Gucci). Did he not show his displeasure about Tiffy before he sent her to the AVA? If he did, then it was a warning signal to be picked up already but was apparently not acted upon.

Yes, Melissa and Charissa have tried to do something and I understand there are things that are beyond your control but that doesn't mean you can be absolved from being blamed for Tiffy's death. Everyone plays a part.

True love is not to hold on and not let go. If you truly love Gucci, you should ensure her safety and well-being, even if it means to be separated from her. Look at David Hooi, he said he will not abuse again, what happened?

Some promises just cannot be trusted. Some actions cannot be reversed.

My thoughts.


Mat Kucing said...

I've been reading about the adventures of tiffy and gucci for weeks now and am heartbroken at the sad turn of events. To the two young owners, please understand that many of us are distraught at the loss of the poor little kitten and may have expressed it in ways which have hurt your feelings. Please forgive us. However, you must think clearly from now on alright? Calm down. Please think v carefully about Gucci and take care of him. Do the right thing. If you have to foster him out for the time being to avoid any more unfortunate events, you have to do so. All of us are anxious for his safety too.

cat_aunty said...

Rest in peace, Tiffy. I hope your next life will be better....I feel very very sad about this whole business. Folks, don't donate money to SPCA anymore, and don't bring any strays to the AVA. UNCLE, YOU WILL GET YOUR JUST RETRIBUTION THIS LIFE!!!!

Oreo said...

Poor poor Tiffy. They are all in our prayers.

husky9 said...
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singaporegrrl, aka, Mom of Princess Mia said...

I cannot believe this. I am so hurt and devastated. I can't even imagine what Melissa is feeling. I am so angry and I state this in no uncertain terms. Thank you for doing all that you could to save this cat. She was loved during her short time here by many people, even those who never met her in person. I cannot understand why that stupid man, yes I call him stupid and I mean it, would do such a cruel thing. There are so many options. This is so typical of Singaporean ignorance when it comes to the welfare of animals. Everything is disposable if it's not for status. I believe that it would be in Gucci's best interest if he is removed from that household. What are the other options? Lock him in the room all day to keep him away from that heartless man ? Please tell uncle that his actions are despicable and he will have to answer one day.

husky9 said...

so sad to hear that tiffy is gone...
maybe we should not judge other people actions as we all do not know exactly what happened, and we shd not blamed anyone about this as things do happened for a reason.
we shd learn to be more rational and hope that no more animals get put to sleep due to such issues and also educated the public that rescue animals need lots of TLC and attention, and be really prepare and responsible for them.

as a petowner of a super long hair cat times he has some poo problems too, i highly reccommend owners to take note of such problems before it get worst...sometimes it maybe due to diet, litter tray size ortype of litter or the smell of the environment...also cats do get emotional when there is some drama happening at home...if problems persist, consult a vet and if vet cant help try going on cat forum or overseas websites to look for solution i believe there is always a solution to everything.

Anonymous said...


i am sorry but there is really no justification for this man's actions. he took a perfectly healthy happy kitten and sent it to a place where it was put to sleep for no good reason.

on top of that he LIED and said it was a stray.

anyone with cats, or any pet for that matter, knows that pets will sometimes behave in a way that we don't want them to. so what? babies are also like that. they cry when we want them to keep quiet and let us sleep. are we then allowed to bring them to hospital, distance ourselves and say, i found this baby on my door step, do whatever u want to it?

and when this despicable man grows older and loses his bodily functions, his eyesight, his ability to move or to talk properly, can Melissa then bring him to an old age home and say, i don't know this old man? he pees everywhere. slobbers his food. talks nonstop when i want to watch tv, embarasses me in front of my friends - put him down if u hv to?

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Obviously this man is very cruel & selfish. But how could the shelter have put the poor kitten down so quickly? What was the rush?

We feel so bad for the loss of one innocent life.

Zeus said...

This just brought tears to my eyes as I had really enjoyed reading and learning about Tiffy. I thought she was super adorable and with so much spirit. To think that someone took her life into his own hands without any regard without any consideration as to whether or not the situation could be fixed is something that makes my stomach wretch.

I'm very sorry to my friends in Singapore for their loss. I believe we should take heart in the fact that wherever you believe little Tiffy is at the moment, she is filled with a huge forgiveness for the injustice done to her, and her love will always be with those in that family who cared and nurtured her as well.

Goodness, I still feel like crying...what a sad loss...

-Marina, Zeus' human pet

Ayla said...

If I ever met that man I'd give him a good thwap on the head. That just wasn't right. Too bad they don't have shelters for humans where they can put the cruel ones down.

My prayers will be going out for you and little Tiffy.

lambj said...

What happened to Tiffy is so sad. As I read about cat rescue in Singapore, I've read between the lines that there are social and cultural issues that impact the cats. The housing authority that allows residents to keep 1 dog but no cats. The agencies like AVA and SPCA that claim to care for animals but really seem to exist just to destroy the unwanted animals, like garbage collection.

As for AVA putting Tiffy down so quickly, I'm sure it was because of what the father said as he handed her over. Did he lie about AVA vs SPCA or make a mistake? Tiffy's end is tragic, but at least she had a few months of love instead of staying on the streets. I feel his actions were horrible, but I can't declare him an awful person. My own son has done bad things at school because of mental illness, but he's not a bad person. I'm not saying what happened to Tiffy is ok, but I judge the actions, not the person, and I know I can only truly control the actions of 1 person - Me.

I am so sad about Tiffy and I feel bad for Gucci, who doesn't understand any of this, just that people are yelling and his friend is missing.

THE ZOO said...

id like to put him down with my own hands.
that was one of godds creatures he did that too. he will get retrubution on this in the afterlife. there is a karma out there. we were kicked out of eden, animals werent so god will have his judgement say on him.
he should be banned form being around animals ever again.
gucci needs to go to the friend that would have taken tiffy for his own good.
would this man have done this to a child if it was disobeidient.
he is evin in that he would do this even though he knew tiffy had a home to go to. this is creulty to the family as well.

the letter b said...

goodness gracious, pardon my saying this, but when Tiffy was returned to Melissa and if my memory serves me correctly that her father - or her mum's husband - gave them all his word that Tiffy would be taken care of. BUT i didn't feel quite right, call it instinct or 6th sense.

knowing that the MURDERER wasn't actually pleased with Gucci at first - or for the matter that Gucci's a BLACK cat, how LAME. and to think that Melissa's father ASSUMED that cats would be put to sleep 3 days afterwhich, i cannot believe how NAIVE a person like him can be. and neither do i believe that Cherissa at her age and education - and with so much talk/publicity about AVA CULLING cats during the SARS "epidemic" in 2003- isn't TOTALLY AWARE OF THE EXISTENCE OF AVA UNTIL TODAY.

i mean, where have you been all this while Cherissa? or are you one of those typical PATHETIC YOUNG Singaporeans who despite their so-called EDUCATION they receive don't know anything beyond FASHION, BOYS, SEX, MTV - not necessarily in that order of course. well, i shall demand my money back as a taxpayer for subsidising the likes of you. and my, how rude you were towards people who are older and definitely "eat more salt than you eat rice."

i suggest that Gucci be taken away PRONTO. ie: QUICKLY. or what Singaporeans would say: FASTER HOR! i fear that Gucci may be harmed.

poor Tiffy. may you find forgiveness in your heart towards the whomever that harmed you. RIP.

Eunice said...

When i look at Tiffy's pics, I still cannot believe that she's gone. Ive read very single post abt her on 5cats blog and tot such an adorable kitty shd be very well loved and pampered by her owner. I never imagined that this wld happen to her... it's absurd! an adorable, lively & healthy kitty sent to the AVA to be put down?!?!

If we are feeling so sad & angered by this incident, I believe 5cats, Melissa & her sis must be feeling 100 times worse. Nobody wld ve guessed that the man, who is able to accept Gucci, wld on the other hand be so heartless as to send Tiffy to AVA to be put down. It seems to me like the actions of 2 different pple....

I think Melissa is already very traumatised by this whole incident... Not only did she lose her cat, i believe we can say that she has also lost a father.

But Melissa, emotions aside.. pls spare a tot for Gucci, your family is no longer a suitable place to keep a pet. Who knows when the man will get pissed off with all of you n decide to vent his anger on Gucci. Plsss, if after all these you still insist on keeping Gucci in dat family, then you do deserve to be reprimanded. Unless you able to find a place of your own and things r under your control, I think its best that Gucci returns to foster mom.

Tiffy, RIP.. you will always be in our hearts. I pray that your next life will be filled with love, joy & laughter.

Anonymous said...

Letter 'old' you are, there is no reason to be rude to anyone esp Cherissa who is upset. If you eat more salt than rice, the more reason to understand rubbing salt into wounds does not help. If C does not know ava, good for her. I will be happy not to know what irs is.

Anonymous said...

Quit being mean. What purpose does your personal attack towards Charissa serve?

I mean, are you one of those conceited well-educated Singaporeans, who scorn at anybody less knowledgeable than they are? And who enjoy upsetting others with their oh-so-knowlegeable words.

I believe Charissa and Melissa had loved Tiffy well. Before pointing fingers at them, have you asked yourself if you were in their shoes, are you sure you could have known what that man was going to do? Melissa knew that he was unhappy about Tiffy, and had found someone else to take Tiffy in. And it had been communicated to him. What wrong had she done?
Charissa is just a young girl who was upset over the loss of Tiffy, and who had to endure the mean words from people who had 'eaten more salt than she had eaten rice'. She might not have been perfectly polite, but she wasn't rude.

RIP Tiffy.
Take care, 5-cat, Melissa and Charissa..

the letter b said...

Anonymous, my, as someone who is, I'm sure OLD ENOUGH to be Charissa's mother, I think I have every right to be, in YOUR words, *RUDE* to her. or are you another one of those Singaporeans who cannot accept criticisms? what's next spewing forth at my direction, personal attack?

btw, this is the INTERNET, so anyone's argument can be HUGELY MISINTEPRETED. and if anyone is so EFFING SENSITIVE with such remarks, they'd better not go beyond a 1-mile radius within a computer. also the argument is *between* Charissa and I, so I suggest you begone, yes? before you and i further engage in a war of words.

the letter b said...

oh before i know it another ANONYMOUS used the words personal attack.

yes i'm one of those CONCEITED WELL-EDUCATED singaporeans. so you've got a problem there? at least i don't belong to the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR like you lot who just have to go into circles without getting straight to the point.

Anonymous said...

the letter b,

if you have children, I pity your children.
You might have been well-educated, but you seem to be lower in EQ than most others. Well, I don't know for sure, but perhaps you yourself do, since you're so intelligent.

That man who killed Tiffy disgusts me. So do you.

I guess you're kinder to animals than you are to fellow human beings. I prefer animals to humans too actually. And it's because of people like you.

Another anonymous said...

Ohh pleassseee! For goodness sake... if you people wanna argue please do it somewhere else, exchange email address or whatever and start shooting emails to each other. Here people are still grieving for the loss of Tiffy... we are not interested in your arguments. We are not interested in who is better educated, who can write better English, who's rude, who's not or whatever!

Tiffy wouldn't want this..... :(

the letter b said...

My are we getting rather personal here? To that Anonymous who quoted EQ, please your pity to better causes like animals.

You are yet another proven example of a *meddlesome* Singaporean who don't seem to be able to mind your own business.

To think that I subsidised the lot of you as a taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

Chrissa and Melissa....stay strong. Everyone makes mistakes - from 'anonymous' who is OLD enough to be your grandmother.
The taxes I paid .... sigh.

Anonymous said...

Just my 2 cents worth of comment. Melissa & sister, although you may not be able to have tiffy back. But i hope you understand that you can still find a cat to replace tiffy in future. But, you guys only have ONE father who cannot be replaced no matter how cruel or bad he is. Try not to let your relationship sour after this happening even though it's hard to forgive him. Just rem blood is thicker than water...dun regret only after things have happened. Treasure your love ones for you nv know when will they be gone.

KXBC said...

To anonymous,

I do not agree that another cat can ever replace Tiffy as every cat has its own personality and is unique. A true pet owner will know that no other pet in the future can ever replace the one he/she had ever cared for.

However, I do agree that the 2 girls have only one father and that they should try to patch things up.

Anonymous said...

to kxbc,

Yes, it's true that no cat can replace tiffy. But they still can buy another cat in memory of Tiffy. I think a true pet owner is someone who will think of the old pet even by looking at the new replaced one. I believe there will be few who will rem Tiffy in 5 or 10 years down the road. Beside Melissa & her sister? Life still goes on. Time does not stop for any human/living things who leaves this world.

So i guess Melissa & sister, let time heal the wounds that you are suffering now. I guess tiffy won't be happy knowing that she has caused so much misery in the family. She is considered a fortunate cat compared to stray cats and cats which are abused.

Anonymous said...

to the letter b:

Old enough to be pple's mother but not old enough to use right sense of words at the right time???

Wonder wat would ur feelings be if you were to lose your loved ones and pple start making sarcastic remarks abt you??

"well, i shall demand my money back as a taxpayer for subsidising the likes of you" - all means demand ur money back from the govt if you can. dun talk big. this shows how CONCEITED WELL-EDUCATED you are by stating this sentence. Knowing that it's impossible. I guess you still need further education before you want to educated others?

Darwin said...

What a sad story - also sad to see there's some ugliness coming from SOME of the cat lovers too. Dumping so hard on the two daughters seems unfair, or at least pointless, at this point. You people are just abusing your internet anonymity to make yourself feel important. Cowards.

R.I.P, Tiffy.

elaine said...

My love and most dearest sympathy goes out for Melissa, Charissa, 5 Cat Style and The Flyer. May God's peace fill u once again... and let u experience once again the hope of saving more homeless cats out there. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

to fivecatflyer: cheer up, its not your fault. you did everythign you could.
to merlissa and charissa: i know the circumstances are difficult and you are probably feeling very terrible. but stay strong ok? do what you can to communicate with your father, but if need be, do think of what is best for gucci.
to all others here: merlissa and her sis are young, sure, they did not act fast enough, but come on, let's stop berating them. we have the benefit of hindsight, they din. and let's not encourage a rift between them and their parents. think of the cats, but think of them too. encourage, advise but not condemn.
and to letter b: you suck. you are, in my opinion, really acting like a arrogant, overgrown kid. so please, shut up. yeah, surely you won't coz u have your stupid right to speech and all, but boy, do i wish you don't. - auntie tom

Anonymous said...
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