Monday, April 30, 2012

How to Dry Wet Cats - The Slash & Bronzy Method

I have often been asked how I dry my cats after bathing them.

It is easy with Bronzy.
Her short fur dries pretty quickly on its own.
On cold days, I can use the blow-dryer on her as she is quite tolerant of it.

Slash, on the other hand, takes longer than 24 hours to dry.
And while it is not impossible to speed up the process with a blow-dryer,
believe me when I say that he makes the task quite challenging.

The other thing about a wet Slash is that he will hunt down all my important paperwork to sit on.
Immigration documents, lecture notes, handwritten letters from friends...
I'd find them wet, smudged and ripped if I neglect to hide them away.

So here is my easy solution...
Clean towels, an empty cabinet and 2 wet cats.

Slash and Bronzy will happily nap there for hours, leaving all my papers safe and dry.

~5-Cat Style

Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Soaking Sunday

OMG. What is happening?

Not another bath!

I can't keep living like this with this evil Mommy.

I need a way out of this horrid, wet, traumatic life.

I'll have to jump.

Yikes. That's quite a jump.

And there's no time to pack that parachute or strengthen my thighs with squats.

I'll just have to take my chances.


Okay, here I go... Bye-Bye, Evil Mommy!


 Dammit! I was so focused on the jump that I didn't see Mommy standing right in front of me.
But I'll do better next time!

~5-Cat Style

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Collecting Scratchies

Hrrrmmph... This guy is paying his iPhone too much attention and giving me none.

'Scuse me, all visitors must pay me a mandatory fee in scratchies.

Please scratch my right ear...

My forehead...

And my left cheek.

Okay, that's enough. You may now return to whatever it was that you were doing.

Ciao, babe.

~5-Cat Style

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Slash and the Sinking Polar Bear

Who doesn't love a David Attenborough documentary?
I know I do.
And today, I found out that Slash does too.
He was absolutely captivated by a polar bear who was
sinking through the thin winter ice and struggling to get out.

Here is the segment that caught his attention.

Slash: C'mon, bear... You can do it!

Slash: Oh, no... The ice broke again!

Slash: I can't watch this anymore! The poor bear...
Mommy: Awww... Don't worry. The bear does get out in the end.

~5-Cat Style

Monday, April 23, 2012

ManCat Monday - Slash says, "Shoo!"

Oooh... Yeah....

A new surface to nap on.

I'll just lie down here for a bit.

Now go away, will you?


Shoo! Shoo!

Being stubborn, are we?
I'll just have to try a different tactic.

Hey, look! Is that Johnny Depp on the bed?

Ok, fine... So that didn't work. How about this?

G-O   A-W-A-Y!!!

Urrggh! I give up. I'm ignoring you now.


Zzzz... Zzzz... Zzzz...

~5-Cat Style

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bronzy in a Box

The Flyer and I have often said that the obsessive streak runs in our family.
Little did we know that Bronzy shares the same trait too.

Bronzy: Mommy, I love my new box! I'm going to live it in forever!

*5 mins later*

*10 mins later*

*15 mins later*

Mommy: Er... Bronzy, I think you should come out of the box now.

Bronzy: NEVER!

And there she remained for a good 20 minutes
until The Flyer needed the box back and took it away from her.

~5-Cat Style