Monday, January 26, 2009

Slash ponders...

Mommy says that I haf to go for a snip-snip at the Vet's soon.

What does it mean???

~5-Cat Style

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dear Godma Flyer,

I know Mommy recently recommended a book to you. She said it was about a witch and her familiar, a Temple Cat, and that their relationship was furry interesting.

So when Mommy was done wif the book, I tried to read it myself. But I must say that I wasn't impressed.


  1. The book is about a Temple Cat while I am a grander Palace Cat.
  2. The cat is black while I am a lovely white with gray tips.
  3. The cat is hooomongous in size while I am still cutely pocket-size.
  4. The cat likes to run while I prefer being carried to my food bowl, water bowl and bed.
  5. The cat has a boring name, Drayco, while mine is waaay cool!
So after a few pages, I decided to use the book as a pillow and sun-shade.


PS. Since you left for Breeze-burn, I haf missed sleeping in your clothes and using your body as a springboard. It's true!

PPS. My fur looks a little icky below my left ear because of the stoopid ear mare-dee-cern. But I assure you that the rest of me is as fluffy as efur.

~5-Cat Style

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Somefing fell on me!

I was minding my own business by napping in the middle of the bedroom floor when SUDDENLY somefing fell right on top me!

I struggled and struggled but that fing was immovable.

Then I stopped struggling and looked at the fing. It was a big hooman bean!

This bean had fallen asleep on me! So since I was clearly not going anywhere, I decided to continue my nap.

But that is why I had disappeared fur a bit. Not because of my gunky ears (I'm getting much better alriddy), but because I had been flattened alive.

~5-Cat Style

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Me is sick

Mommy catnapped me and brought me to the Vet today.

She found me shaking my head violently late last night and got up to check my ears. She was horrified to see the inside of my left ear all brown and mucky. She and The Flyer were worried that somefing might haf given me a love-bite because they didn't notice anyfing yesterday.

So just because I shook my head a little, I had to go see the Vet. Efen though Mommy kept telling me it was fur my own good, I protested furry loudly from train to tram and back to train.

The bad Vet poked my ears to remove some of the muck. He obviously has bad eyesight because he had to look at it under a long thick lens. The Vet then told Mommy (and NOT me, how rude!) that I haf a bad bacterial infection in my ear.

The bad baaad Vet is not a good influence on Mommy because he showed her how to poke me with a nozzle and squirt a smelly liquid in my ears, not once but TWICE a day! It's HORRIBLE!!!

I fink I will go sleep my trauma away now.

~5-Cat Style

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hoppy Mew Ear!!!

I haf been waiting fur a long time fur the mew ear. But I hafn't found it.

Is it here on my left? Nope...

Is it down here below? Nope...

Wha...? It's alriddy here?! Well, then... HOPPY MEW EAR, EFURRYBODY!!!

Mommy says that we are barely into the mew ear and I am alriddy furry much bigger. Am I???

~5-Cat Style