Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dear Godma Flyer,

I know Mommy recently recommended a book to you. She said it was about a witch and her familiar, a Temple Cat, and that their relationship was furry interesting.

So when Mommy was done wif the book, I tried to read it myself. But I must say that I wasn't impressed.


  1. The book is about a Temple Cat while I am a grander Palace Cat.
  2. The cat is black while I am a lovely white with gray tips.
  3. The cat is hooomongous in size while I am still cutely pocket-size.
  4. The cat likes to run while I prefer being carried to my food bowl, water bowl and bed.
  5. The cat has a boring name, Drayco, while mine is waaay cool!
So after a few pages, I decided to use the book as a pillow and sun-shade.


PS. Since you left for Breeze-burn, I haf missed sleeping in your clothes and using your body as a springboard. It's true!

PPS. My fur looks a little icky below my left ear because of the stoopid ear mare-dee-cern. But I assure you that the rest of me is as fluffy as efur.

~5-Cat Style


The Creek Cats said...

Hi Slash! We purrfer to use books as pillows and sunshades too. We aren't much on reading, we like napping much better!
You are such a pocket-sized cutie!!

The Island Cats said...

Hi Slash! We think you found a much better use for that book...

Daisy said...

Slash, the cat in that book could never measure up to you!

Sweet Praline said...

Hi Slash! Great to hear from you again. I also like to sleep on top of the books. I hope the ear is doing better.

MoMo said...

That book is probably better as a pillow for you! Temple Cat?? Not sure I would like to be one, just in case the priestess runs out of sacrificial victims and turns on me! Arghhhh!!! Run!!!!

SS - stop being getting carried away, Momo!

Everycat said...

Ummm, Slash dear, you are looking as if you will soon need your own bag to be carried around in - pockets are quite small see, and you are growing rapidly! The book looks quite comfy, clever to get the cover over your head like that.

Whicky Wuudler

Pattyskypants said...

Mai beans has toooo much booksz in dis howse! They iz efurrywhair! Me haz mai own book an me usez it fer a scratching post. Itz gettin kinda raggedy. Mom, will U buyz me noo book?

Sure, Bhu. As soon as the yard sales start, we will get you another nice big atlas so you can scratch and exercise your claws. Or would you prefer a different type of book, like the one Slash has?

No, atlas iz good. Tanks, mom! xxoo Bhu

=^..^= said...

Oh my cute lil Slashie!!! I miss you so much too! I miss being your springboard, makeshift bed and bearer of your adorable weight!!! No Temple Cat, African Cat or Pussy Cat will ever compare to you!!! *nuzzles face in Slash's fur*

~Godma Flyer

Christine and FAZ said...

Books are okay for scratching and resting on but I never bother reading (because I don't know how). Purrs FAZ