Thursday, June 29, 2006

Where things stand now

I spent almost the whole of today on the phone with a very experienced CWS member, trying to decide on the best course of action to ensure Gucci's safety.

We considered many different ways we could approach this matter... we looked at every possibe resulting scenerio from different angles and weighed the pros and cons of each very carefully.

This is the gist of what we have decided to do...

We will give the family a little time to calm down. They are so emotionally charged right now that almost anything we do will surely be met with resistance. When the family is calmer and more receptive, we will try and work out an arrangement for Gucci. In the mean time, we will be keeping a close watch on things.

I'm sorry I can't reveal more right now. Please trust that we are doing the best we can in such a sticky situation. I wish it were as simple as just going in and taking Gucci back with me... but it isn't. There are so many things to consider, each one delicate with its own set of risks.

For now, I will share with you that both Melissa's parents have expressed that they do not want to give Gucci up, not even to be fostered out for a short period while they sort themselves out. Both maintain that Gucci is a well-behaved and well-trained cat and so he is not causing any trouble to them.

Melissa herself, however, has asked to be given some time to think things through so that she can decide if Gucci will be fostered out to me.

~5-Cat Style


Mia and Ghost said...

We read Tiffy's story yesterday with tears in our eyes and didn't trust ourselves to comment. We hope she is having fun at the Bridge with Grampa Norton, Eppy, Crystal & all the others who have gone before. We know ya'll are doing everything in your power to ensure Gucci's safety and we must say that we admire you for helping all the kitties.

For Tiffy... until we meet again sweet princess...

Mia, Ghost & Jen

singaporegrrl (mom of Princess Mia) said...

Thank you for the update. I know that you guys are doing the best that you can and you are to be commended for all that you do. All of us in the cat-blog community have been affected by this and we all want the best for Gucci and are worried for him.

DEBRA said...

We here at ManxMnews hope for the best with Gucci and pray that the right thing will happen. Keeping good thoughts for Gucci.


George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

The general opinion seems to be that Gucci be removed from this unsafe situation and we agree. Another cat should not pay the price for this man's cruelty and his family's problems. Please remove Gucci. He deserves the chance to have a loving home where everyone there wants him!

The Meezers said...

5 Cat and Flyer - Thank you for the update. We know that you are doing efurrything that you can for Gucci. You are very remarkable women and we are thankful that there are such good people as yourselves in this world. We will continue purraying that Gucci will be safe and well until this situation is resolved. We hope that he will not remain where he is, but it is not up to us to make that decision.

Victor Tabbycat said...

My mom admires what you bof do an says you are bein furry tactful and dip-low-matic wif Melissa's family. Maybe Tiffy's legacy is fur beans to think alla time about how pets fit into their family. Mom says resentment grows when bottled up.
Fairwell, Tiffy. Best of futures, Gucci.

5-Cat, can Bombay come ofur to play sumtime?

Mambo said...

Hi Victor tabbycat,
Yes bombay can come play anytime :)
Just pop on over and have a gd time with him.


jenianddean said...

What an awful and wholly unnecessary series of events! When love is out there, waiting with open arms, and yet is bypassed instead for hate ... I can't think of anything sadder. Our collective hearts go out to you, and Gucci and the loving family members who have suffered. And we will also keep the dad in our thoughts, because anyone suffering such anger needs more help than any one person can offer. Poor Tiffy ... such a sweet thing ...
--Jasper, Josie, HB and Maggie

Ayla said...

If I were you, I'd get Gucci out of there. God forbid he poop outside his litter pan or does something that may be considered "wrong." That man has already proven that he does not care about animals. Just because Gucci is "behaving" now doesn't mean that he won't come up with some excuse later on.

Jasmine said...

It sounds like Gucci is normally quite well behaved, and it seems that while he stays that way, he will not be secretly whisked off to the AVA. However, we all know that animals can often sense when there's something wrong, and there's obviously some serious issues and tension in his house at the moment. This, coupled with the fact that Gucci is probably confused and concerned about where his little buddy has gone might mean that he doesn't act as well behaved as usual, and you know what we all fear about that. :(

Being cat people, I'm sure you two already know this and have taken it into consideration. It must be so emotionally exhausting and difficult for you trying to manage this sad situation. We are all hoping that Gucci is safe and that the family can resolve their issues. Thank you for keeping us updated.

Keep up the great work,

David E. Francis said...

Thank you for the update about Guicci. I pray that Melissa decides to let you foster him while the family sorts out their problems.

You are doing the best you can with a very sad and complicated situation.

I still feel that Guicci is in danger as long as he is in that household.


KXBC said...

I trust that you have made a very informed decision given the circumstances.

However, may I suggest that, if possible, you put a standing order to AVA and SPCA that if they receive a black cat from Mr XXX, to inform you immediately. This is just to prevent some freaky on-the-spur decision made by Mr XXX again. Of course, he can also easily dump him at some ulu place but at least he will still be alive with chances of being rescued again. Please ignore this if I don't seem to make sense.

You have had a tiring week. Take care and good luck.

Moglee said...

I have no doubt Gucci is well behaved. However, it is the family that I do not believe in and have confidence with. It is not about how well behave Gucci is in their house but how they can to make sure Gucci does not suffer the same fate as Tiffy.

5Cat, I trust you will perservere for the best interest in Gucci.I hope the family will allow you to do what is right for Gucci.

kxbc, i agree with you. From now, I will call out the name Gucci to any black sleek cat I see. Just to be sure.

Mary said...

Gucci should be fostered now because his environment is not stree free. If Gucci was adopted from you, you have every right to take him back. Like what i said yeterday, i am very sure none of us will get to hear/know should Gucci disappear someday because of all the comments in this blog. i don't mean to be cruel, but i have to in this instance, 'why should Gucci stayed in that household just because the parents do not want to give him up due to Gucci's good behaviour? if someone as cute and lovely as Tiffy couldn't win over a 'stone' heart, can we be sure Gucci stays in that household because he is loved, or could it be the parents are trying to win back their daughters love by wanting Gucci to be there. If so, isn't Gucci another innocent 'bait' in this whole saga? Will Melissa and her sister be at peace everytime they leave the house, or will they fear they may not get to see Gucci when they return? Are they confident their father will never 'tricked' them again? It's no wonder they are emotionally charged, an innocent, trusting life was lost in their care. Imagine the effort he took to ensure little Tiffy never get to see day light again - all the way to AVA at Pasir Panjang, and the malicious lies told to AVA - his lies caused 2 innocent men to commit a negative act on Tiffy. If only he could use the time and expenses to clean the poo, problem will be over in 5 minutes. i strongly feel, and i am sure, so do many others that Gucci be fostered out for the time being, Melissa and her sister could visit during the weekends and spend time away from home. Wait till the family has solved their problems, they may then decide if they do really want Guuci to be part of them. Like what you said, they are so emtionally charged, any decision they made now may not be in the best interest for Gucci.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

thanks for the update, 5cat. I am sure you have tried to salvage the best out of the worst situation.

if Gucci has to stay put, perhaps it could be communicated to the family that inappropriate elimination usually comes with a reason, and sometimes medical attention must be given.

it seems to me the family has no prior experience keeping pets, and i recall many horror stories of cats being thrown out of the home because they "peed in the wrong place".

think the family needs MORE THAN LOVE to keep Gucci. They need to be more informed of cat behaviour and pyschology.

There are many cat behaviour guidebooks in the library if the 2 daughters are interested.

Zeus said...

I really feel for the two of you at this moment. It has to be so stressful to try to do what you know in your heart to be best, but at the same, attempt to make all sides happy with the decisions. I do not envy you in this regard as it is a very difficult thing to do.

I don't think anyone is doubting that Gucci is well-behaved, but I suppose I wonder what will happen when Gucci decides to do what most felines do which is to display their own prerogative. What will the reaction be then? Will it be one of loving tolerance and patience? Will it be one of anger and rash decisions? That must lay heavy on your minds at the moment.

I really do want there to be a silver lining in this cloud. I hope that this family comes together in love and resolves the issues that they have. I pray that they can provide Gucci with all of his needs and wants in every arena of his life, and I wish that they can move forward after this tragedy with a lesson well-learned.

Every last one of you, from 5-Cat Style and the Flyer to Melissa, her sister, and their family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

If I read between the lines, Gucci is safe as long as he continues to behave. If he steps out of line, bad things could happen, including being sent to the SPCA or AVA to be put down.

If I were his owner and claimed to love him, I would never take that kind of risk on his behalf. She knows what her father is capable of. I have no doubt that she loves both her cats and that she must be beside herself with anguish, and possibly, regret over what has happened to Tiffy. If it were to happen again I really wouldn't want to imagine how it would impact her.

Better to be safe than sorry, Melissa. No need to give him up entirely, consider fostering him out or boarding him so you can see him regularly and carry on with your life with the knowledge that he is well taken care of, and more importantly, safe.I wish you all the best, Melissa, in what must be a very very hard time for u.

Anonymous said...

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