Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A rush to save Tiffy

Dear Readers,
I received the worst news ever today.
An upset Melissa, Gucci and Tiffy's Mommy, broke the news to me that her Dad had taken Tiffy to the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal) yesterday afternoon without telling anyone else in the family. She only discovered that Tiffy was missing after she had reached home late last night.

It seems like Tiffy had been pooing in inappropriate places all over the house and her Dad got completely fed-up and demanded for Tiffy to go. Melissa told him that she had arranged for a friend to take her in tomorrow. But yesterday, without telling anyone else, he took Tiffy away and left her at the SPCA.
I immediately got on the phone with two CWS volunteers and asked for assistance. Both of them rushed down right away to the SPCA to try and retrieve Tiffy. Time was of the essence since the SPCA is quick to put animals down because they have so little space for the many many abandoned animals brought to them each day.
In spite of the details I had given the volunteers to help locate Tiffy, the SPCA staff could not trace her. The volunteers began to suspect that maybe Tiffy wasn't brought to the SPCA after all.
Without going into too many details about the happenings going on in Melissa's family, let's just say that after a bit of drama I managed to find out where her Dad had left Tiffy. He had taken her to the AVA (Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore) instead. Because it was after 5pm by then, the office was closed.

So first thing bright and early tomorrow, The Flyer and I will be rushing down to AVA to try and retrieve Tiffy. I really really REALLY hope she hasn't been put down yet. This really is a rush against time to save little Tiffy's life.
~5-Cat Style

PS. I spoke to Melissa about Gucci and if there was any trouble brewing for him at home. She says that he is a well-trained cat and very disciplined with the use of the litterbox. So her Dad has no problems with Gucci. I've told her that she MUST get in touch with me at the first sign of any trouble because it would be so much easier for me to intervene and help solve any problems early at the start than to wait till it is almost too late.
Photos courtesy of Melissa & Kenny


singaporegrrl said...

Hello? What is wrong with that man? How dare he take Tiffy without anyone's knowledge. I am furious about this. I can't believe this happened again. I am so angry.

Sexy Babelicious said...

I too agree! What is wrong with him?? To think he would accept Tiffy and said he woudln't do anything funny...and now to hear he has done it again and now her life may be in danger. And the fact that Melissa had already told him that she arranged her friend to take in Tiffy but yet he had to go do something so childish! This is completely upsetting and I would assume many people are angry. Just hope and pray that Tiffy is alright!

husky9 said...

is tiffy alright? managed to find her?

Patches & Mittens said...

This is just so terribly awful. Please keep us updated.

Patches Lady

Bonnie Underfoot said...

Oh, how awful!!! Poor Tiffy and poor Gucci! Gucci should bite that nasty man. Ok, so I don't like Victor invading my house - I wouldn't want his LIFE at risk! What an awful man. There are clearly bigger problems in that family and poor, poor Tiffy is a victim.

David E. Francis said...

The one that needs to leave is the man. What a cruel person he is. I do hope that poor little Tiffy is rescued and is well.


Moglee said...

The pooing problem can be solved easily. I hope you can rescue tiffy in time. That is if he really leave tiffy at AVA.

It is so sad that the man wanted tiffy dead. If he were to left her with SPCA, she would be at the adoption panel because she's adorable. Obviously he does not want her to live. BAD MAN! BAD BAD MAN!

cat_aunty said...

What the f*** is wrong with this man! I hope Tiffy is safe. Please let us know ASAP.

KXBC said...

I think there is a fundamental problem that needs to be resolved in Melissa's family with regards to having cats at home, be in Gucci or Tiffy. The peeing thing is the cause of the war, not the real reason behind it.

5-Cat style, solving the peeing problem will therefore not help anyone/any cat. Only Melissa and her family themselves can work this out before even considering bringing Tiffy back, if ever.

Hope you and Flyer will find Tiffy unharm at the AVA. Good luck.

Mary said...

i really don't like her dad, sorry - but this is not the 1st time; he should be told off for such cruel behaviour and should not be entertained either by SPCA or AVA for that matter. The lovely kitten seems always to be in his bad book.

Celeste Lock said...

I'm sorry about Tiffy 5-Cat, really am. Very sad that this happened. My heart is aching so very badly.

~ Celeste

Anonymous said...

poor tiffy. hope she is safe and well.

the father is too much. but since this is not the first time he has tried to get rid of Tiffy, i think Melissa should think twice about bringing Tiffy home. what is to stop him from doing it again? Tiffy's life is at risk here. poor tiffy. poor melissa!

singaporegrrl said...

Hope that you found Tiffy. Hoping for the best, here. I'm still angry at what happened, but I'm more worried about the innocent cat. God bless.

Eunice said...

I've heard abt wat happened to Tiffy. Im really screaming with anger inside now... heart is really aching. nothing can describe my anger towards that man who sent tiffy away.

Am really sry.

Max said...


Someone bite him in the nads.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

i dont think melissa and kenny should keep gucci at all. who knows what the father might do to him?

sorry, but problems of the human kind should never be at the cost of cats. they're innocent.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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