Thursday, July 19, 2007

Save the Bears, Say "No" to Bear Bile Farming!

Hey, Furdes & Furdettes!

Did you know that there are kitties on a campaign to save bears? Yes, Bears!!! 

Sadly, in China, Korea & Vietnam the bear bile trade is still a thriving industry despite the fact that herbal substitutes have been found to have the very same medical properties that bear bile is supposed to have. 

Bear bile is obtained from a variety methods, including daily puncturing of the gall bladder to extract the bile, making a permanent open incision to the bear's bladder for daily drainage of the bile, and slaughtering of bears in front of customers to ensure 'authenticity' of the bile. For more information please visit this link: Bear Bile Industry.

Please help to spread the message of Animals Asia's campaign to stop bear bile farming in China, as well as those of other animal welfare organisations. 

Simply tag your friends with Animal Asia's permalink using the button above.

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~The Flyer


Benjamin Fuzz said...

this is definitely a worthwhile cause!

mom loves bears...especially polar bears. even so, no bear deserves this horrible treatment!

benjamonster buzbunicus

Victor Tabbycat said...

Save the Bears! They's cute an don't eat kitties (usually). Sumtimes I wonder how people happened to discover a remedy like that in the first place. "I'm not feeling good. I know, I'll drink the fluid from a bear's gallbladder and see if that helps!"

Lux said...

Bear bile sounds totally disgusting, and I'd rather no bear have to go through something like that!

=^..^= said...

Yeah, no bear or being deserves to be treated like that!

And yes, I do wonder what the person, who first decided that drinking bile was good, was tripping on... I mean seriously, its bile, for goodness sake! What on earth would possess anyone in their right minds to drink that???!!! *shudder*

Amazing, truly, what the modern man can think of consuming... @_@

~The Flyer

Hot(M)BC said...

Ewwwwwwww that's bad :( We will so no to bear bile farmin!

husky9 said...

how have u been? been trying to contact u.