Monday, May 01, 2006

Tiffy The Pretty (part 1)

Here are the photos of Tiffy I had promised you.
I took over 200 pictures of this beauty in just one afternoon! I find that hard to believe myself. I don't want to overwhelm you with all of them at one go though, so I'll be posting them up in batches for easy viewing.
So let's get started right now.
When she arrived at my house, Tiffy was a little shy at first. She didn't like leaving the kitchen very much. She much preferred peering out from behind the door, studying the rest of the house with those large eyes.

She would lie beside the big door and look timidly at me. I would then sit beside her and talk to her and scratch her lovingly behind the ears.

She began to show more interest in the rest of the house and very slowly, she took her first steps outside the kitchen.

She first explored underneath the dining table.

Then she very carefully ventured a wee bit further.

Soon she was comfy enough to lie around the dining hall.

But she still wore that timid, slightly frightened look on her face.

Within an hour, she was quite at home with the rest of the house. I soon found out that she already had a favourite spot -- my blue couch.

She loves lying on its arm or back. Maybe it's because it gives her an unobstructed view of the whole hall and the balcony. It really is the Power Seat, I suppose.

In my next post, I'll show you what Tiffy loves doing on my couch.

As angelic as she may look, believe me when I say that she's not using it the way we do -- to watch the telly or read a book.

So till my next post tomorrow... have a totally terrific Tuesday!

~5-Cat Style


Magoo, Smudge, Bella & Dolce said...

She's a really beauty. I love the picture that shows her reflection on the marble floors. She's a Kitten War winner!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Yes, nice flections of pretty Tiffy. Gucci is furry lucky. They'll be cute together wif their coloring.

Anonymous said...
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kuro.shiro.neko said...

tiffy will grow up to be a real beauty!

auntie p said... much has happened since I last read about Magic Eyes! Glad that everything's well. Luckily, Melissa's mum managed to find Tiffy downstairs in time. I wouldn't be surprise if someone else took Tiffy home, being the cutie that she is.

Who were the driving force(s) in softening Melissa's father's stance? ;)

animalfamily said...

oh no, how do my kittens fight with that?

so cute!!

Zeus said...

Her eyes are so huge - it's like she is absorbing the whole world with them! It's funny, but I see a lot of Isis in these pictures as Isis looked so much like this when she was a mere babe.

Very precious photos! My favorites are the close-ups of Tiffy's face!

auntie p said...

I agree with you, Zeus. I can imagine Isis looking like Tiffy as a kitten. Tiffy also has a tinge of orange in her coat which may become more distinct over time, just like Isis. BTW, you're so handsome. :)

=^..^= said...

Auntie P,

I've finally got the answer to your question. :) It was Melissa's Mum and her sister who managed to persuade the Dad. But I'd like to think that Gucci had a huge paw in it.

~5-Cat Style

auntie p said...

5Cs, oh, thanks! Hee...

It's great to see Gucci getting along with Tiffy, which will definitely make daddy's day. I love those pics of Gucci lying/sleeping alongside heart-warming.

Anonymous said...

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