Monday, May 01, 2006

I'm going back home! Yippee!

Hello efurrybody!

I have furry furry good news to share with all of you. My Mommy talked to her Daddy for a long loooong time last night and has gotted him to agree to keep me furrever. Yay!!!

I am sooo happy... I've been pouncing on top of my Foster Mommy and attacking her fingers. She thinks I have gone furry mad.

I cannot wait to go home this Thurrsday and see efurrybody again, especially my bruffer Gucci. I miss having him groom me. And such thick fur like mine demands a lot of purrsonal attention.

I asked my Foster Mommy to make a short video of me furr all of you. And she made two! I hope you'll enjoy them.


This is me getting to know my Foster Mommy's house.

And this is me darting around like a bullet.

Hi everyone!
Yes, the good news is true. Melissa called me to tell me that her father has relented and will allow Tiffy to live with them. I've arranged with her for Tiffy to be picked up this Thursday. I will miss this little kitten. She has been pure joy having around.
I want to say a BIG Thank You to the CWS adoption volunteers. The speed at which they posted Tiffy's details on the adoption board was amazing. They were working their hardest to catch the holiday crowd. And they were very successful. Tiffy received 10 responses from interested adopters in just 2 days!
Now... I have to send them all my apologies. I hate to have wasted all the volunteers' time and hard work, plus now they have to break the news to all 10 potential adopters that Tiffy is no longer up for adoption. I am truly sorry.
~5-Cat Style


Zeus said...

I know it must seem like wasted effort, but it definitely is fantastic that little Tiffy gets to go to a home she knows with people she is familiar with. I'm so glad it all worked out!

cat_aunty said...

Oh thank God!! Amitabha!! Tiffy is indeed blessed. The uncle is serious about it really?? He won't dump Tiffy downstairs again??

=^..^= said...

Hi Zeus! Hi Cat Aunty!

Yes, this really is fabulous news. :) I trust Melissa's Dad to NOT change his mind. His acceptance and love for Gucci proves that he is a man of his word and will do his best to make things work when he puts his mind to it. I believe Tiffy will be safe and loved.

Now... I just to remind Melissa and Kenny how important it is to send Tiffy to the vet ASAP.

~5-Cat Style

the letter b said...

er, riiiight. Gucci might had worked his magic on Melissa's Dad. i'm not surprised if Gucci had been behaving morosely.

there is a god after all.


husky9 said...

heehee tiffy is going to have fun with gucci

Victor Tabbycat said...

Maybe the adopters Tiffy attracted will now take other kitties looking for homes? Mom says it looks like "bait an switch" but if they truely want a pet cat, this is an opportunity to find homes for 10 more! At least, I hope so.

=^..^= said...

Hi Victor,

I wish it were as easy as that. But not everyone who puts in an application to adopt gets selected. The volunteers have a strict screening process to weed out the 'undesirable' adopters to protect the cats from possible abuse or neglect.

And if the potential adopters get through the volunteers, they still have to impress the relevant fosters.

So this means that there probably won't be new homes for 10 cats. But Tiffy, I'm sure, has helped draw a little more attention to the other cats.

~5-Cat Style

Mambo said...

Hope that tiffy will win uncle's heart with her cute little innocent look! And Gucci i'm watching you! You better take care of this little sister of urs if not i will get ur bro's and sisters to invade your cosy home again! :lol:


Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

I am so happy you have such strict adoption policies. How could you even give her up after having her for only a few days. What a little jewel! What a sweet little "mew"! And she still has her kitten fuzz. Thanks for sharing her!

=^..^= said...

Hi Mambo, Hahaha! So bad, you... Gucci is a good boy. He will grow to love little Tiffy, I'm sure... and then he will be quite protective of her after that.

Hi SSS, Trust me... I've grown very fond of Tiffy and wish I could have her. The Flyer has been begging me to keep her, but... I feel that she really belongs to Melissa. After all, I couldn't separate her from Gucci now that he has accepted her as part of the family. As much as I hate having to part with her, I'm happy that she's going back to a good family.

~5-Cat Style

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