Sunday, April 30, 2006

Little Tiffy has arrived

At 3.30pm today, Melissa and Kenny came by my place to hand little Tiffy to me.

When I first opened the door, I wondered where she was since I didn't see a pet carrier. But Tiffy is so tiny, she didn't need to be carried in a carrier. Instead, Kenny set down a rose-print handbag on my table and opened it.

Out popped the smallest, cutest, furriest head! With a look of complete blurness, Tiffy looked around at this new and strange place. As Tiffy explored my house at her own leisure, the three of us got down to talking. I wanted to find out all about how they found her, her health, eating habits, litterbox habits and personality.

Sleeping beside me as I work

Tiffy was found in a box with about 5 other brothers and sisters outside a barber shop. It seems like she had belonged to an Indian fellow who has cats. The female got pregnant and that's how Tiffy arrived. A woman who was standing by the box asked Melissa and Kenny to take a kitten. I'm not sure if she has anything to do with the Indian man or if she was just a passerby who guessed that the kittens were abandoned and wanted people to take them home quickly. She told Melissa and Kenny that the father of the litter is a Persian.

This little one hasn't visited the vet yet. So she hasn't been dewormed, vaccinated, checked for fleas and mites, etc. I'll have to make an appointment for her quickly.

Tiffy has been eating two to three meals a day. Although she eats dry biscuits, Tiffy much prefers wet food for now.

She's litterbox-trained, but Kenny tells me that she makes the occasional mistake in a corner or on towels. Melissa had also tried to train Tiffy to do her business on newspapers so sometimes when she sees a newspaper, she'll do the deed. I've decided to 'untrain' her of her newspaper habits. I think it's better since most families leave their newspapers lying all around the house. Meanwhile, she has been using the litterbox well. No accidents as yet.

Melissa and Kenny says that Tiffy is very playful and noisy because she won't hesitate to tell you when she wants food or attention. In the last 8 hours together, Tiffy has been like any other kitten... a little playful. She loves being scratched on her tummy and will nibble lightly on your fingers as you do so. It's absolutely adorable. She mews to let me know when she's hungry or wants to snuggle up, but her mew is so soft... it's really more a purry-squeak than noise.

Trust me when I say that Tiffy's mew is nothing like my litter of 5 rocker kittens. When they all mew together demanding a meal, it's totally like a mad and wild rock concert.

I asked Melissa and Kenny again about Gucci and how he failed to accept Tiffy as family. Well! It seems like in the last few days, Gucci finally accepted Tiffy. He has started to lick her! In fact, just before Tiffy was whisked away to my house, Gucci was licking her rather furiously. Hmmm... maybe he knew it was their final good-bye???

So Tiffy is leaving Melissa and Kenny only because of her father's objections to having a second cat at home... not because Gucci wouldn't accept her. I'm proud of Gucci.

Melissa and Kenny found it very difficult to say good-bye to dear Tiffy and almost wouldn't leave my house, if not for the fact that they hadn't eaten all day and was terribly hungry. Melissa told me that her sister had cried, and that they will be missing Tiffy badly. She asked me to keep her in the loop of Tiffy's adoption, and that she would like to meet the new adopters.

After Melissa and Kenny left, Tiffy and I bonded by having a long, long nap together on my couch. She really loves to snuggle and sleep in really hilarious sleeping positions.

Adorable and affectionate. Tiffy will make a super companion

So tomorrow... I promise... I'll have exciting new photos of Tiffy for you. She's an absolute beauty and I hope my shots of her will do her justice.

~5-Cat Style


husky9 said...

i like tiffy, she is so cute...really girly looking :)

Mambo said...

Its so sad they couldn't accept her...if i had a bigger space around my house i would like to see how my 2 monsters would react to her...hehe how bout bringing her to my house one of these days for her to interact with my monsters? :)

the letter b said...

right. so Gucci did accept Tiffy somehow? poor Gucci.

lambj said...

Yea, like B said, poor Gucci! Now he'll be stressed by Tiffy's disappearance. I didn't realize they had Tiffy around Gucci without any vet-check - that's irresponsible. I have a feeling they worked hard to prepare the father for Gucci, but Tiffy was a surprise and too much for him. Poor Tiffy!

CatDonna & Cats said...

Coming out of hiding to add my two cents' worth:

Tiffy looks like she shouldn't have trouble getting adopted, cute lil' rascal. :)

Okay back to the cave.

Kootoo and M&M said...

Hmmm... so things didn't quite work out huh? Well it may be for the better. Guess the timing just wasn't right for Gucci to accept sweet Tiffy. Hope Tiffy finds an adopter soon ...

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