Thursday, April 20, 2006

My bruffer is angry with me

I'm feeling furry sad. My bruffer, Gucci, scolded me and gave me The Paw when I got too excited and pounced on him in the morning.
He refused to have anything to do with me the rest of the day. It made me furry furry sad.

My big bruffer wouldn't let me nap beside him after that. And he wouldn't lie down facing me either. I felt so lonely and rejected.

I couldn't stand napping alone anymore. So when my bruffer was in a deep deep sleep, I crept quietly towards him and lay as close to him as I could.

I hope he doesn't wake up soon. Otherwise, uh-oh... I might just get The Other Paw.
Photos courtesy of Melissa & Kenny


Zeus said...

I am sure your big brother will soon forgive you, little one. Just be patient, and remember: naptime is the best time so no more interruptions!

KXBC said...

We have this golden rule at home: No ka jiaoing during sleep time, drinking sessions and makan sessions. Note that well, my fellow cuteness, so that you will not get The Other Paw. But litterbox time can be a free-for-all. Yea!!!

General Yuan Yuan

Victor Tabbycat said...

Poor Tiffy! I know how it feels to be rejected by the main cat of the house. I get hissed an growled at by Bonnie all the time, an I just wanna be furiends. She sumtimes gives me The Paw or Both Paws, but she doesn't like to touch me.

Could you tell your big friend Bombay that I tagged him? Fanks! Snuggles, purrs and best wishes!

the letter b said...

er Gucci, can i have a word with you?

The Discipline Meowster

husky9 said...

poor thing...Tiffy need to keep trying

Anonymous said...

aww is this ur first post tiff? u are so cute! dun worry! i am sure everythign will be ok..
to gucci, ahh.. its ok, after awhile u will love ur furry sis! dun need no disciplinary action as yet i am sure! -auntie tom

=^..^= said...

Yes, Auntie Tom, this is my furrst post. It feels furry good to share my feelings and thoughts. No wonder so many kitties are blogging too.


Derby said...


You are moving in on my girl PMB, The Princess Mia Bella.

Paws off dude.


=^..^= said...

Friend Derby, you are meeztakened. I am not a rival-suitor. I was only helping Princess Mia check in on her bean grampies who are living here in Singapurr.

The heart-shaped box of gifts was from them... not me!


the letter b said...

good grief, there are folks out there who got nervous at the mere mention of the word "Discipline".

btw, were some of the posts written in English?

Anonymous said...
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