Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A very lucky coffeeshop cat

Meet Magic Eyes. Isn't she one helluva pretty cat?
Magic Eyes isn't really her name. I just call her that because... man, oh man... just look at those eyes!

Magic Eyes has made herself very comfy in a coffeeshop in Clementi and is extremely popular with the stallholders there. She is their most loyal 'customer'.
It is no wonder then that she was very friendly when she saw me. She walked right on over, sniffed my camera, rubbed her head against my knee and plonked herself down in front of me so heavily that she knocked her head against the leg of a chair.

Then she decided to 'save face' by pretending that it was her original intention to use the chair's leg to scratch her round head.

A stallholder saw Magic Eyes posing for me and yelled out in Hokkien, "This cat, ah.... very pampered. She doesn't eat fish, you know. She only eats pork!"

That certainly does explain her bulk. This really is one well-fed, contented cat.

The Flyer then told me that this cat is a very lucky cat.

The previous coffeeshop owner did not like her at all and wanted to pour boiling water on her.

This outraged the other stallholders who stood up against the ex-owner and protected Magic Eyes.

Since then, Magic Eyes has been like a child to them. They love her to bits and feed her whatever catches her fancy (which seems to be pork).

So really... Magic Eyes is one lucky cat. Not many community cats out there are so cared for.

I hope she'll be loved forever and ever and ever...

... Even after stallholders come and go.

I'll try and pop in on her every now and then. Her ease with humans makes her an absolute darling to photograph.

Below is my favourite shot of Magic Eyes caught with her tongue out.

And I confess... every time I see a cat, I have to... HAVE TO photograph it. I simply cannot help myself.
So when I saw this cat sitting up against a wall, I fumbled for my camera right away.
In the sheer darkness that enveloped us, I squinted and tried my best to focus on the shadowy silhouette that was the cat's. It was awfully difficult.
I was extremely pleased, when I played back the images later, to see that I had indeed managed to photograph the cat.

And what a pose it was! Talk about relaxing after a hard day's work...

~5-Cat Style


husky9 said...

i love those eyes...meow

the letter b said...

a calico *male*? just like how it's quite rather unusual to hear of female gingers right, 5CS?

regardless, sounds like a certain er, someone i know who would pretend to do otherwise when caught in an embarrasing situation.. :D

=^..^= said...

Ooh, you're right, Letter B. I completely missed that. I really didn't check to see if it was a him or her... but, yeah... chances are that the cat's female.

~5-Cat Style (blur like sotong)

=^..^= said...

Psst... Letter B, I've changed all the 'his' and 'him' to 'her'. Ssshhh...

~5-Cat Style

singaporegrrl said...

Angel Eyes is very pretty. Nice photos and a lovely story. I hope she continues to be well looked after by the stall holders.

Zeus said...

I definitely agree with you 5-Cats: Those eyes are amazing. It's like she's looking into something mystical constantly. Perhaps she has secrets she's content to keep!

I hope you continue to update us on her story. I think it is fascinating that the stallowners take such good care of her. Perhaps that is why she came into their lives: to continue to bring them all together as a community.

cat_aunty said...

That was nice. All the best, Magic Eyes!

auntie p said...

Very nice to read about Magic Eyes, and even nicer to read about the kind stallholders who, in their hustle and bustle of eeking out a living, still spared time and money to care for ME. So sweet. :)

the letter b said...

5CS - :D i don't know but magic eyes seemed to have a female mog look.

sheesh, i've been looking at too many cat pictures :p

Three said...

Such a beautiful kitty. :D Love the pics of her. She's a fortunate girl to have the stallholders care for her.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Lucky girl. Definitely *her* market. Love the hard-working tabby, too. Victor "flops" hard and bumps his head, falls off the bed, or does other embarrassing things, then covers up. Cats always say, "I meant to do that!"

Kukka-Maria said...

What a beautiful cat Magic Eyes is! I could stare at her for hours--such a striking face!

Magoo, Smudge, Bella & Dolce said...

Sometimes its good to hear that a dedicated and focussed group of people can do some good instead of screaming and yelling and burning stuff down.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Gorgeous cat! And very happy to pose for a few pictures too.