Sunday, April 16, 2006

A page from Gucci's diary

Dear Diary,
I don't know how it is possible that I suddenly sprung a sister.
My Mommy and Daddy came home two nights ago with this ugly gray thing, calling it my sister. They want me to share my beautiful home, my comfy bed, my water bowl and my litterbox with it! How can they expect me to be happy about that?!
I've been staring at this Thing (Tiffy they call her, Thing I prefer, hehe) and she is quite mad, I suspect... I hope my parents know that.
One moment she's all sweet and docile...

Then she acts furry violent the next! I think she must be... er... schizofurrenic.

When she gets too much, I march on over...

... And I... er... 'remind' her to behave? Yeah, that's it. I GENTLY 'remind' her.

At least she listens to my 'reminders'. Er... Just ignore her frightened look.

When bedtime comes, I let her share my bed with me. But, I don't let her sleep too close to me. I'm a big boy and I need lots of space, you know.

Look at how stoopidly Thing sleeps! Her ears are pricked up and her double chin is out. She's giving us cats a bad name.

Then Daddy came in to kiss us good-night and snuggled down with us. I think he just wanted to make sure I didn't use Thing as a support pillow.

Daddy couldn't stay awake very long and I considered tying Thing up into a bolster.

But, I got sleepy too and I didn't.

Am I not a furry good boy?


PS. Thing has ugly gray roughed-up fur, not like my own cool glossy all-black coat. So, really... how can she be MY sister?

Photos courtesy of Melissa & Kenny
~5-Cat Style


cat_aunty said...

Oh dear Gucci, I feel your pain....maybe yor mummy can afford to buy ANOTHER litter bin so you dun have to share with Thing? After all, there are girls and boys toilets.

KXBC said...

Oh Gucci. Tiffy looks sweet but let her know you are the TOP CAT. Don't let her climb over your head. Kittens are such pesky things. They are good for looking cute only I tell you.

Kim Kim

CatDonna & Cats said...

Jealous Gucci!

Give Thingy a chance... she looks rather sweet... I mean, she sleeps funny and acts out with toys but I'm sure she'll be a good little buddy.


Kootoo and M&M said...

Sigh ... I would be jumping for joy if only Kootoo and Muffin were like Gucci and Tiffy now. At the moment the two are still far from being comfortable in each other's company ... I am sooooo jealous, how long did it take for Gucci to get comfy with Tiffy?

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Gucci, she looks like she has potential. Give it a little time and in the meanwhile make her your prodigy & teach her all you know. She can beg extra treats off your people with all that cuteness.

Bonnie Underfoot said...

Bah. Gucci, I fink you should kick her out ASAP. First the bed, what's next? I should have done sumfing about Victor a long time ago, but I didn't realize the threat he posed. Take heed! Your home will never be the same.

Melissa said...

hi !

they're getting along..ermm..well i think.. they play with each other using form of their teeth n claws n..hmm.. but sth very cute bout them is.. there's a food saucer for Tiffy n one for water too.. the funny thing is.. gucci eats from his own food saucer but drinks from tiffy's water saucer.. on the other hand.. tiffy eats from her own food saucer but drinks from gucci's water saucer !

Magoo, Smudge, Bella & Dolce said...

We felt the same way when Dolce showed up. She's gotten easier to deal with, once we showed her the ropes and who is the boss of the bed and the cat tree.

Zeus said...

Hello Gucci!

I felt the exact same way when Isis came home. My human pet didn't even ask me if it was ok! Don't worry, though! You'll get through this, and you might even end up liking Thing in the end.

No promises though because I still haven't decided if I like Isis or not!

Timmy said...

Gucci, I want to feel your pain. I do, but that poodin' is far too cute!!

imp said...

love the way your captions and photos go so well together.

Beau said...

AWWWW...she's just a BABY. Be nice. She's young and you can teach her LOTS of things. Give her a chance. Mom says it's wrong to pick on babies.

Anonymous said...

so CUTE!! i luRVEEEE grey cats! absolutely! wanan go dye my little ginger cat grey! heh kidding.... where did u get your grey cat from? -auntie tom

=^..^= said...

Hi Efurrybody,

I have discussed this matter seriously with my Mommy and Daddy, and I have decided to give Thing a chance. I won't hiss or spit at her. But, if she gets furry naughty, I will still give her The Paw. She must learn that I am her BIG bruffer and that she is only the leetle one.

Autie Tom, Thing was found alone wandering near our house. Mommy and Daddy's hearts melted when they saw her. Then they took Thing in and made her part of our family. How could they not discuss it with me furst?! This is my home and my family too! Hmmph!!!


Three said...

Gucci: This is Boy, the FirstCat from FiveCats. At least your Mommy and Daddy only brought back ONE. Mine brought back FOUR. :p She seems very cute though. Hope she dun steal your food.

Anonymous said...

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