Sunday, May 31, 2009

Good Vibrations

Slash: Can't sleep? What's wrong?
Bronzy: Mommy says I have to go to the Vet tomorrow for a snip-snip. What is a snip-snip?

Slash: Oh, that! I've had one. It's where you go to the Vet to nap and then you come home to nap some more. Awww, Bronze... come here... I know how to help you sleep.

Slash: I'll hold your head between my paws and send some purringly good vibes to you.

Bronzy: Thank you! What will I ever do without you?

~5-Cat Style


The Island Cats said...

Oh so cute! Bronzy, don't worry about your's something all us tough mancats hafta go through...once you are home, you won't even remember it....

Wally & Ernie

Daisy said...

Too bad that didn't work. I would think the head between the paw trick would be comforting. I will send you some soft purrs so you are not scairted tomorrow!

Ginger Jasper said...

Oh dont worry, you will be k. I agree with Wally and Ernie, we all have to go through with it. You will be fine.

Hugs GJ xx

Sweet Praline said...

Bronzy, you will be fine! Slash has been through it so he can ease your anxiety.

Anonymous said...

Shireen, your two kitties are really gorgeous. Hugsie, dawnie