Monday, February 13, 2006

Home visit to see Bombay & Bangles

The Flyer and I visited Bombay and Bangles yesterday. The purpose of this home visit was to...
  1. Check on how both kitties were doing with their new owners in their new home
  2. Show Melvin and Stephanie how to trim the cats' claws
  3. Demonstrate the fine art of bathing a cat
  4. Sign the final adoption papers

We were totally geared up to see our darlings once more. It has been about a month since we last saw them. We wondered if they would still remember us.

It was good to see that Bombay and Bangles had grown quite a bit. They sure were very heavy, especially Bombay. I heard my back creak as I lifted each of them up to give them a big hug and a long cuddle.

Both kitties looked very healthy. Their coats had grown thicker and shinier. They were energetic and very playful still.

After playing with them for a bit, we quickly got down to business. First we showed Mel and Steph how to trim the cats' claws. I told them that we would trim the claws of one cat and then they should try it on their own with the other. During the past month, Mel and Steph hadn't dared to try trimming on their own fearing that they would hurt the kitties.

So The Flyer and I grabbed Bangles. The Flyer held him tight while I did the trimming. And then it was Mel and Steph's turn after carefully observing us. It took them a little while to get used to holding Bombay firmly and trimming quickly enough to avoid a struggle with a reluctant cat.

While Bombay was getting trimmed, Bangles settled himself comfily on Melvin's bed. He stared intently at me as I tried to photograph him grooming himself in a somewhat unglamourous position.

After his manicure and pedicure, Bombay decided it was time for a snack. Being beautiful is hard, hunger-inducing work, you know.

Immediately after eating Bombay stared longingly at his favourite napping spot -- the top of the PowerPac box.

And then it was time to give one of the kitties' their bath. The Flyer and I grabbed Bangles again and I showed Mel and Steph the techniques I use when bathing cats to stop them from struggling and attempting a quick get-away.
Here are shots of a very wet Bangles trying to dry himself his way.

Bombay decides to lend his bro a... er... tongue.

Now that Bangles was all nice and clean, poor Melvin groaned at having to try his hand at bathing Bombay.

While Bangles continued grooming his wet fur into the latest feline furstyle, Bombay found it extremely hard resisting the snooze-calls of his PowerPac box.

Mid-way through grooming, Bangles paused only long enough to investigate where the enticing chirping was coming from.

Bombay returned to help groom his wet bro.

But wait a sec! What's this exciting-looking thing? It's wet... it glistens... it moves...

... I'll follow it and see where it leads to.

Oh... it just leads to Bangles' backside.

What an unglam pose for grooming!

Then Bombay decided it was time to groom himself instead.

Bangles fussed and fussed over his fur for a long, long time until his fur was almost dry.

After all that, Melvin signed the permanent adoption contract. Bombay and Bangles are now officially his and Stephanie's.

CONGRATULATIONS, Mel and Steph! And a fine job you're doing with the kitties too. Good work!

~5-Cat Style


Celeste Lock said...

Hey 5-Cat Style, comforting & happy to know Bombay & Bangles found a good permanent home!


Mambo said...

Thanks to Shireen and Sabrina for making the trip down and helping out. Now we know the techniques it shouldn't be too hard to do it. Both Steph and I sincerely welcome anyone of you to come visit our B1 & B2. Provided we are home! haha!

Mel & Steph

Dawn said...

How lovely to see they're so loved!

Beau said...

Glad to know they're in such a good home!

Anonymous said...

Nice kitties. Glad they are doing alright.

I see Mel and Steph using a rug to contain spilled water from the water dishes. I have the same problem as my cats also like playing with the water dish. Instead of a rug, it may be more hygienic to put the water dishes on a big serving tray (can buy from Ikea; plastic would be good) instead as a wet rug can habour quite a fair bit of germs and may eventually smell if not dried up properly. The smell may even deter the cats from drinking from the water dish which is definitely not so good for them. A tray would be easier to clean. :)

All the best to the 2 Bs.

=^..^= said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for the suggestion. Will definitely pass it on to Mel & Steph.

~5-Cat Style

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

What a lovely series of pictures!!!

=^..^= said...

Thank you, Scooby, Shaggy & Scout. :)

~5-Cat Style

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