Friday, February 03, 2006

Couldn't sleep... so created this...

~5-Cat Style


cat_aunty said...

Looks great!!

the letter b said...

may i ask what software program you used, 5-Cat Style? a download from the internet?

=^..^= said...

Thank you, Cat Aunty! :)

I wasn't expecting any compliments for it at all. I had done it at 4am in the morning when I was terribly sleepy, but simply could not fall asleep. So I thought I'd try and pass the time creatively and that was about as creative as my 4am-Head could be.

~5-Cat Style

=^..^= said...

Hi Letter B,

Simply go to and use their template. It's easy!

~5-Cat Style

san said...

and are you going to fill it with equally good stuff? :)

Anonymous said...

Great layout, extremely tempting articles, beautiful shot of the cat and cute nose, and overall... fabulous! I'll take 10!! How much hmm? Heh. :D -Elaine

moot said...

To 5CS:

This is to inform you that you need to apply for a Printing Press Licence with MDA to operatye a press in the Republic of Singapore.

Big Brother is Watching. :P

I Gatti Americani said...

Where can we buy a copy?

Opus and Roscoe

CatDonna & Cats said...

Cool! I like. :)

btw, any ideas/suggestions for where to meet next week? We all live in different areas of SG so maybe town would be best?

Yay fun :)

Agh. Pip is in one of her moods again and she's blocking the monitor.

the letter b said...

hi Catdonna - yep that's definitely a brill idea. where and when would you like to meet? i'd prefer sat or sun but weekday evening is not a problem. starbucks perhaps?

tried to leave comments at your blog but since i don't have a blogger account, abit "leceh", leh :D

=^..^= said...

Hi guys! :D

Thank you for all the very lovely compliments on my magazine cover. I'm very pleased that it appeals to so many of you. :)

It is, however, a non-existent magazine. I was merely playing around with the design template. I have no plans to go into publishing so I really won't be needing a licence for it.

Yes, I was going to propose meeting in Orchard Road for the Bloggers Gathering. A place I would like to suggest meeting at is IndoChine at Wisma. It is one of my fave restaurants there. Food's good, service is excellent. We can 'chope' one of the big tables with the cushioned seats. It'll be quite comfy.

Does anyone else have a place in mind for the Bloggers Gathering? We haven't heard from many of you.

~5-Cat Style

Cat said...

oh yes, indochine sounds fab! someone was suggesting starbucks liat towers too. another central location.

i like indochine.