Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sophia's cats -- Miu & Boo

This is Sophia, my friend whom I've known the longest. We've been pals for... let's count... 25 years now. That's a quarter of a century!
The furry thing beside her is Miu, the very first cat Sophia owned.

Miu is Australian. She was bought from a pet shop in Melbourne when Sophia was still in uni then. This Domestic tortoiseshell is about 9 years old now and weighs 5.5kg. Sophia tells me that Miu is one cat loaded with attitude.
"She showed the dog who was boss when we first got her," Sophia says. "She was TINY then. When the dog tried to check her out, she stood on her hind legs and scratched the dog's nose. From then on, she was the big boss! Hahahah!"

Sophia describes Miu as "highly intelligent and highly attitudinal! Loves canned food (fish only pls!). Boss of everyone."
Does Miu get along with her other cat, Boo? "Sometimes she entertains him when she feels like it," says Sophia.
And this other kitty below is 8-year-old Boo. He is a Domestic black-and-white and weighs a hefty 7kg.
I call him The Cow.

Like Miu, Boo was also bought from a pet shop in Melbourne for A$75.

Sophia describes Boo as "FAT, sweet-natured and behaves like a dog. He comes when you call and he used to fetch."

But Sophia complains that Boo "doesn't like to move".

"He doesn't move much these days," she says.
Boo is soooo fat, I've asked Sophia to put him on a diet and an exercise regime. But she insists that he eats very little, and that Miu eats more than him.
Sophia tried to get him to play games, like chasing a ball, to help him fight the flab. But it seems like they never caught on with Boo. He just didn't take to games.

So fat Boo has raked up a total weight loss of 0kg. His exercise programme continues to be non-existent.
"But he's happy," Sophia says.

Photos courtesy of Sophia & Ken Ming
~5-Cat Style


cat_aunty said...

Lovely cats. What was Boo hiding in between the pillows for?

sophia said...

Thanks! He does that whenever the maid comes to clean the house. :)

=^..^= said...

Sophia doesn't know why Boo does that. She says he's not afraid of the maid or the vacuum cleaner. He just simply does that every time the maid comes to the house.

~5-Cat Style

san said...

Wow! What a beautiful black and white cat and very solid. But then my cat is also very solid at 6.33 but he has grown a little thinner with playing everyday with Da Bird. My mother thinks that a beautiful cat is a cat with substance. So do I :))

vegancat said...

There are so many of such beautiful tortoise-shell and black-and-white cats right in our communities!

Elaine said...

Wat sweetcakes! Really caught my attention. :)

Btw, I would like to enquire abt the cat chat/forum. I guess it got closed down coz it was not used often? I hope you dun mind me posting a long question here.

My fren's mum found a kitten last yr. It was cruelly tied up inside a plastic bag but still alive. At that time, she seemed fine and playful but weak in the sense tat it doesnt have it's mother's milk. My fren went all round to find her mum but to no avail. Months later, the kitten knocked her head and became shaky in her walk. From then on, her health also started to deteriorate.

Vet at Animal Recovery Centre has done a blood test which came out positive for something (cant rem if it's FIV), gave her vaccination, provided medication to rule out those stomach and intestinal worms, and even put her on a vein tube for some reason I cant rem. Vet also recommended CAT scan but it was too costly for my fren. The kitten is called Oreo and she's approx 6mths.

Yesterday, my fren told me Oreo developed fever again and this time it was coming on and off, not going away. She felt Oreo could have caught it when her older sister with fever slept with the kitten. But a vet I asked said that shldnt be the case. My fren doesnt knw wat more to do to help Oreo and as I'm not to familiar with cats myself, I could only give general advice. It came across her mind many times to put the kitten to sleep but it's a tough decision. Sorry for the long history, I just wanted to provide a clearer picture of the situation. I will fill u in on the medical details once I;ve confirmed it with my fren. Do you have any advice for her? I would appreciate it so much. :) Thank you for reading this!

=^..^= said...

Hi Vegancat,

I know how you feel. I strongly endorse pet adoptions as well.

Sophia didn't know much about pet adoptions 9 years ago. But after Miu and Boo, she adopted a stray off the streets here in Singapore. She named it Momo and it is doing very well in her home with Miu and Boo.

I'll post an entry about Momo soon.

~5-Cat Style

=^..^= said...

Hi Elaine,

I am very sorry to hear that Oreo is not doing well. Her very rough start in life will explain her weak health to some extent.

However, I am not a vet and couldn't possibly give you an accurate diagnosis on Oreo's condition.

I strongly recommend that you ask your friend to take Oreo to the vet as quickly as possible.

My suspicion is that Oreo might have FIP, which is the major cause of fevers in cats with no obvious cause. FIP is a very serious illness that is often fatal. So I urge you to please take Oreo to the vet as soon as possible to have her properly diagnosed and treated.

Good luck! And please update us on little Oreo's progress.

~5-Cat Style

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