Monday, February 06, 2006

My new love

I've fallen in love with this little fella!

My Dad and I were having a late afternoon chat over coffee and ice-milo when I saw this cutie amusing himself by rolling over his sides again and again.
There was something about him... his playfulness and energy maybe... that reminded me so much of Bombay. I had to go and meet him. So I excused myself from my Dad for a while and made my way to the rolling cat.

When I got close, I squatted down slowly, aimed my camera at him and spoke to him softly. I didn't want to frighten him and have him run away. But I had no reason to worry for this little guy is a gutsy thing. He ran up to me and began investigating my camera.

He is a handsome 6-month-old (maybe) with a perfectly straight tail. From the way he responded to me, I could see that he is very comfortable with humans. Every time I called out to him, he would run to me. He allowed me to walk close by his side as he investigated the grass patch. Then he decided that the plants nearby looked exquisitely curious and decided to pounce on them for a bit.

He kept up with this funny routine of exploring the area and returning to me for about 10 minutes. I really enjoyed his company.

But my Dad was waiting alone at the table and I had to leave this dear kitty.

But I could not stop thinking about him. So after dinner, I went back to the coffeeshop and this time I brought The Flyer and Sanjeev with me. They wanted to see this little guy too.

And there he was... playing all by his lonesome self.

I bent down and called out to him, "Hi sweety, remember me?" And right away he came running up to us.

He was so comfy with us, he rolled over and let us fuss over him and scratch him all over. And he, in turn, was so gentle and friendly.

The Flyer decided to call him Diamond Back. This is because of the diamond-shape mark in the middle of his back. You can see the mark quite clearly here in these shots.

Being a stray, Diamond Back can't be choosy. He has to make do with whatever is available to him, like a tree and using it as a scratching post.

Sanjeev decided to play with Diamond Back by dangling his keys and a twig for it to try and reach.

Oh boy! It was a game Diamond Back loved.

Just look at how intently Diamond Back is staring at the twig, carefully measuring exactly how high it is.

POW! He leaps and reaches the twig quite easily. Hmmm... maybe we should call him Spider-Cat instead.

And for that, Diamond Back earned himself more loving scratches from an admiring fan.
Because of his personality, age and good looks, Diamond Back is very adoptable. It would be such a pity to have him spend the rest of his life as a stray on the streets when he could be a very loving companion to a good family instead.
I want to foster him and help him find a good home to go to. But I have to wait a little while until my apartment is sold before I can do so. I really hope that he will remain safe till then.
~5-Cat Style


Cat said...

You can place him in a cattery meanwhile & at the sametime put him up for adoption.

At least, you know he is safe from harm.

I do know of a reliable lady who runs a cattery - maybe you know her too - Phyllis.

Celeste Lock said...

Hi there. Yeh, I agree - Diamond Back is very adorable and adoptable. Maybe better to have him put up temporarily with friends or a cattery? Cats disappear so often these days. I have not seen little Cinder at my estate for a long time I'm not surprised he may be rounded up. Sigh.

=^..^= said...

Hi Cat,

Yes, I think I may know Phyllis. If I remember correctly, I may have met her at the Ngee Ann City adoption drive. We spoke for a bit and she mentioned she ran a cattery.

Hi Celeste Lock,

So sorry to hear about Cinder. Vegancat once expressed how distressing it can be when community cats disappear suddenly and don't turn up ever again.

I will definitely look into where I can place little Diamond Back for the time being so that he'll at least be safe.

~5-Cat Style

CatDonna & Cats said...

Dear little DB! He is so incredibly friendly. That's how I found Chocolate too, btw :)

Phyllis has a close neighbour who runs a cattery as well... do you know Sia Ping?

I guess a nominal fee (about $40 to $50 a month) for your peace of mind is worth the expense. Who knows? DB may be adopted when he's at the cattery!

Heh heh... his initials are starting to grow on me. Deebie.


Cat said...

Hi everyone,

About the gathering this Sunday, there's 2 suggestions - either IndoChine Wisma Atria (courtesy of 5-Cat Style or Starbucks Liat Towers.

I'm cool with either one, both being convenient locations.

Let me know which you all prefer & I'll consolidate the numbers & make the reservations (if its IndoChine) say 12.30 for lunch?

Pls send me an email -


=^..^= said...

Thanks, Cat! :) I've dropped you an e-mail.

~5-Cat Style

=^..^= said...

Hi CatDonna,

Yes, I do know Sia Ping. We've met many times at the different adoption drives.

But, DB has gone MIA. When The Flyer and I went to feed him last night, he couldn't be found. I hope he's safe wherever he may be.

~5-Cat Style

meekie said...

Little DB is simply adorable! I hope he could be found soon.

CatMunmmy said...

Sorry to hear that DB is still missing. Hope you will find him soon.

Anonymous said...

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