Thursday, February 09, 2006

Air-heads on air

The Flyer and I have decided that 98.7FM only hires geniuses to deejay.

Here's why we decided that.

The Flyer just heard Daniel Ong on radio asking, "Do you know those three mice -- Alvin and The Chipmunks?"

I rest my case.

But as dumb as that statement was, we both agree that Jamie Yeo is still the hot fave in the brains department.

A couple of years back, a Malay girl called in to the station. Jamie asked her for her name and the girl said she was Ernia. And Jamie said this, "Your name is Ernia? If you put a H in front, you'll be Hernia!" Then she laughed as though she had just made the smartest joke in the world. The poor girl was stumped.

Worse still was Jamie's BAD decision to dedicate Savage Garden's song, Crash and Burn, to the SilkAir crash victims and their families.

The 98.7FM DJs aren't the sharpest pencils in the case, we say.

~5-Cat Style


the letter b said...

tsk, tsk. and then nobody compRain about that?

that's why i stopped listening completely once jaime yeo took over drive time. and i thought jean danker was bad enough. no, carrie chong. no.. all are as bad. i stopped before they could do further damage to my braincells.

=^..^= said...

Hahahhah! Good thinking! I should stop this hazardous practice of listening to the radio through my mobile while I'm on the move. *sigh* I liked Joe & The Flying Dutchman tho. Too bad they stopped airing their segment. If only Singapore had a Frasier Crane!

~The Flyer

=^..^= said...
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auntie p said...

Haha.. I knew about that crash n burn incident. So things still have not improved in J Yeo's brain dept, eh?

I'd stopped listening to self-indulgent idle chatter on radio a long time ago...they numb my brain cells. :P

Anonymous said...

I think Daniel Ong was the one who make unsavoury remark about a lady who called up the station when it was asking opinions about culling of cats during the sars period. I think the lady kept several cats and after she hung up, Daniel Ong said something like she needed to see a psychiatrist.

=^..^= said...

Good grief... how rude!

~5-Cat Style

Anonymous said...

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