Saturday, February 11, 2006

Diamond Back - 0 / Community Cats - 6

Till today, there is no sign of dear little Diamond Back.
The good news is that the funeral procession is over now and the area is quiet once more. I'm hoping this will be enough to draw Diamond Back again.
But while Diamond Back is still a no-show, the other community cats are settled quite comfily and clearly going nowhere.
This is a large gray tabby safely hidden underneath a stone table.

This one is a black-and-white The Flyer calls The Mask. It's favourite chill-out place is on the seat of this motorbike. You'll be able to find it there every single night without fail.

This white-ginger is more wary of people than all the other cats put together. It looks at all humans with suspicion in its eyes and doesn't like us getting anywhere close to it. I hope its distrust in humans did not stem from abuse.

Looking at the way he sits, The Flyer speculates that he must be quite an old cat.

Along the way, we crossed paths with this dog. The torn leash on its neck may mean he had just bitten himself free from being tied up some place else.
We tried offering it some doggy snacks, but he simply wouldn't have any and promptly ran away without so much as a sniff.

From the collar around its neck, this cat must be someone's pet.

This is one of the two blackies in the area. Both of them have a plant fetish. You'll always find them up in a tree or behind a bush... no matter what.

And this here is the second blackie.

Making a second quick tour of the area, I noticed that the cats were already doing different things.

This gray tabby, for example, was now snoozing peacefully under a rusty bike.

This white-ginger was happily day-dreaming by a fire hose and a bin for burning joss paper.

The Mask was now resting on top of the stone table. Tsk-tsk! Such table manners it has...

We decided to feed it some yummo kitty snacks.

I hope that DB will reappear soon and join his neighbourhood friends again. I really miss that little guy.
~5-Cat Style


moot said...

...stalker. :)

=^..^= said...

Only out of love... :P

~5-Cat Style