Tuesday, February 28, 2006

To all who participated in the Pawtrait Contest...

Bombay thanks you for visiting our blog and ploughing through the archives looking for his photo.
Here are the hints provided earlier:
  1. Bombay is a kitty who enjoys sleeping on soft towels and blankets.
  2. He was not at his best when his pawtrait was taken. In fact, it was snapped when Bombay was down with the fever just before Christmas last year.
  3. His pawtrait is stashed somewhere between pawtraits 16 and 31.
And this here is Bombay's pawtrait.

As you can see, Bombay is sleeping on his favourite green blanket. I had snapped this photo when the poor thing came down with a very high fever and was sleeping almost all the time. He probably picked up a bug at the adoption drive held in December. This photo can be found in the December 2005 archives under the entry titled, Mount Bombay Lies Dormant. This was pawtrait #26.
So did you manage to guess it right?
~5-Cat Style