Saturday, November 26, 2005

Gorgeous animals everywhere!

I left my house in a flurry at 10.30am, lugging behind me two cat carriers with Bombay and Callas inside. The cabby was nice enough not to make any noise about picking the kitties up. In turn, the kitties were nice enough not to make any noise throughout the ride. How polite everyone was! I knew right away it was going to be good day.

When I got to Takashimaya, it was impossible to miss the roadshow. The Civic Plaza was set ablazed with buzzing noises, the brightest colours and the coolest pets. Here's a really cute Maltese who was just soaking in all the attention from the crowd.

And here's an energetic Alsatian pup who was just begging to be let out of his cage. I swear his tail was about to get wagged off!

Ooh! And there were the most lovable rabbits too. Just take a look at this romantic pair. Don't they look like they just hopped out of an Enid Blyton book?

And of course, there were the kitties. All of them gorgeous! But first... here's what the CWS booth looked like. Many thanks to all of you who came down to visit today. Warm hugs to dear supportive friends like Melisa, Kok Hong, Sophia and Ken Ming who came to show their support too. Those of you who missed coming down today... there's still tomorrow!

And now... presenting... the beautiful cats in the CWS corner! On our right, we have a powder-puff cat. All white. All fluffy. Eyes of honey-yellow. So breathtakingly beautiful, it was adopted faster than you can say COTTONCANDYPUFF.

And on our left, we have a smoky gray Persian-cross. Erm... actually... in this photo it looks more sinister than majestic. If I were the casting director of a Harry Potter movie and I had to give Voldemort a cat, this would be it.

Well, don't you agree that based on this pic alone, this could very well be Voldemort's cat? But that's only in this photo. In real life, this Persian-X is very cool looking. More Matrix than Voldemort. Really!

And here's my darling Bombay and Callas!

Bombay, as always, captured everyone's hearts. He was the most relaxed kitty today... truly a cool cat. He didn't mind the maddening noise or the killer heat or the many strangers poking him from all directions. Bombay reached out for the people looking at him with his paw, licked their fingers and entertained them by playing with a crushed ball of paper.

Callas, on the other hand, was in a grumpy mood. He kept hissing at the cats in the cages beside his, sometimes hissing at the people admiring him. At one point, he got so touchy, he and Bombay got into a scuffle and had to be put into separate cages for the rest of the day. Poor dear... most people don't realise how stressful these adoption drives are for cats and kittens. Amazingly, Callas received the most interest from serious adopters. I suppose they must be the ones who DO understand that the cats are probably not themselves in an environment like that and cannot be expected to be at their best.

This is how the cats' cages were arranged for public viewing. To the left of the photo is a foster making sure her cat is all comfy.

This was what Bombay and Callas' cage looked like. After the scuffle though, they had to be separated and Callas was put into the cage below Bombay's.

If I were one of the cats on display, this must be what my neighbours would look like from my view. (That's Bombay playing with a pellet.)

While things were getting busy at the CWS booth, a dog show was being held on stage. It was an obedience training display and the dogs were simply marvellous!

Minister of State for National Development, Mr Heng Chee How, graced the event as Guest of Honour. He came round to our booth and spoke to Liang Tong and Lillian.

And now, we leave our little purring darlings to get a little rest. Till tomorrow...

Do come visit if you haven't already!

~5-Cat Style


coboypb said...

I agree with Dawn and Vegancat that you have given a good account of the event and I have felt the vicarious excitement just by reading your blog and looking @ the photos :>

By the way, remember I was asking you girls (@ CWS party) about how my friend found 2 kittens and had some difficulty comforting them and you gave me some tips about inducing bowel movement and heating pads, etc. My friend has been doing that and she said it seemed like the kitties miss their mummy. She just started her own blog and you can check out the cute kittens here:

=^..^= said...

Hi Coboypb!

We'll definitely pay your friend's blog a visit. :)

5-Cat Style

Anonymous said...
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