Sunday, November 27, 2005

Please DO NOT yank cats out of their cages

Baby animals are adorable, aren't they? Just one look at them and you feel complelled to pick them up, squeeze them to your face and nuzzle your nose into their bellies. Go ahead and indulge yourself! You shouldn't deny yourself such pleasure.

But there are times when it is necessary to refrain yourself from doing so.

Like at today's adoption drive. I was horrified to see a man trying to yank Bombay from his cage. I dashed towards him, pushed Bombay back into the cage, closed the cage door and told him politely, but firmly, "Please do not open the cages."

Please understand... that as much as you desire to play with and cuddle these cuties, this isn't an appropriate place to do so. Bombay may just be a 3-month-old kitten, but he is a mighty strong one. Lose your grip on him for just one moment and he'll be off like lightning! I know this because I bathe my kittens myself. While most times it is an easy procedure, should the kitten decide that he simply isn't in the mood to be soaped and bubbled that day... he sure can kick up one helluva fuss.

And to lose a kitten in a place like a pet roadshow, where there are as many dogs roaming the area as there are wilderbeast on the Serengeti... you really are sending the kitten to an end I cannot bear imagine.

Should you feel like you will implode or explode if you do not lay your hands on a cat or kitten, at least ask the foster for permission. The foster may or may not allow you to handle the cat under supervision. It all depends on the personality of the cat.

The moral of the story: For the safety of the cats and the fosters' heart condition, please DO NOT yank the cats out of their cages.

~5-Cat Style


Dawn said...

I couldn't agree more - ask before you grab any animal. It might stress them out, and some of them might run off or scratch if they are frightened.

vegancat said...

Great Photos! Make up somewhat for not attending the event.

And good to see Mr Heng dropping by CWS and hopefully the "SCRS seed" was given a good "watering" so that it will bear fruits soon!

kuro.shiro.neko said...

oh but people DONT listen. especially at events like these.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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