Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hail to You, One & All!!!!

At last I leave my mark!

Salutations to all who find their eyes straying to this side of the cyberworld! I am 5 posts overdue, I know, but 5-Cat Style decided to unleash her whip upon my back and I was but hard at work, slaving to make our world a little more pleasing to your welcomed eyes.

Anyhoo, so here I am and I hope you have enjoyed browsing through our terribly simple blog. I assure you that I will be infusing a whole lot more snazz into this site, but with Time, my young padawans! I am afterall, a Flyer. What I do best is inflicting papercuts, not sifting through html codes!

Well, I hear the cracking of whips again and I shudder to think what tempest the Style might rouse next. So I shall leave you all here and hope to see you at the AVA Road Show on Sunday! (A particular union of two with whom I am not acquainted calls for my absence on Saturday. I am not a Solemniser.)


~The Flyer

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