Sunday, November 27, 2005

My meagre 2 hours at Day 2's adoption drive

Day No. 2 at the adoption drive began at 10.30am for me. The Flyer was able to join me today after missing out on all the action yesterday. I quickly prepared the cages for Bombay and Callas. As you can see from the photo below, I chose to keep them separated from the start.

Poor Callas was expectedly tensed so there was a continuation of yesterday's Hissing Symphony No. 6 and Spitting Concerto in C.

Bombay was pouncy and playful, and within minutes he was masterfully conducting an audience with his little paw to the music Callas provided. So seeing that all was well, I decided to capture the morning's happenings with my trusty camera.

My first shot was of this group of beautiful Westies. One West Highland White is gorgeous. A group of them is glorious! It's a pity my photo is blurry. I refuse to take blame though. You can place the blame on the ice milo I was balancing in my palm instead.

Then I saw these two doggy buddies having a quick breakfast together. Only the Jack Russell bothered to stop chowing long enough to smile for me.

I then went off to look for the Enid Blyton bunnies again. They were less shy today. They weren't hiding in the tiny brown boxes anymore. Instead, they were fully stretched out getting some sun and enjoying the ooh's and aah's that were flying their way.

Then I heard a small commotion coming from the CWS corner. Bombay had jumped around too much and upset the litterbox. I quickly went over to help clean up the mess that The Flyer was already sweeping up. I noticed that Bombay was jumpier than normal. He was mewing a lot too and that was unusual as well. I tried to calm Bombay down, but over the next half hour he had clearly gotten more agitated. At one point, he was trying to reach for me through the cage bars so desperately, he scratched my cheek with one claw. Another 10 minutes later, Bombay started biting the bars, the sides of the litterbox and then began tearing up the newspapers. I knew then I had to bring him home. He was too stressed out.

As much as I wanted to stay to meet more potential adopters for Bombay and Callas, the poor dears had already gone through a full day of being caged up yesterday. And it certainly was an uncomfortable day for them... the noise, the heat, the massive loads of people coming through and poking at them. They didn't need to go through one more day like that. It would be a bonus if they could just 'tahan' one more day, but yesterday I had already met a handful of nice people interested in taking them in. So today wasn't crucial. The little kitties didn't have to be traumatised further.

So after putting both Bombay and Callas into their carriers, I made my apologies to The Flyer for having to leave her the rest of the day. I looked at my watch and realised I had about 10 minutes before my Dad arrived to send me and the kitties home. I decided to make good use of the time and take some photos of the cats.

Here's one that is simply too beautiful for words. Just look at those arctic blue eyes.

And here's a really sweet tabby. Aww... don't you just want to pick her up and take her home?

Here is a ginger cat with the sweetest temperament. The Flyer couldn't stop stroking her.

Look at the markings on this one! Doesn't the coat look like swirls of chocolate?

And this cat's coat was so thick, it looked as though it was wearing a lion's mane around the neck.

My 10 minutes was almost up. I had to leave now. It was well into the lunch hour and I noticed that most of the cats were drowsy and collecting their Zzz's. So before I leave you, here are my shots of the sleeping kitties for your viewing pleasure.

Tata for now!

~5-Cat Style


kuro.shiro.neko said...

hey The Flyer, really nice pictures you've taken! especially the napping kitties.

mrs budak said...

What beautiful cats they are!

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