Thursday, March 30, 2006

A report on a furry fun party -- by Bombay

Bella, Bella... of course I still have your numburr on my belly. Look!
Wasn't it a furry rockin' party?
For those of you going, "Eh? What party?"... Finnegan and Buddy threw a furry fun burrthday/Gotcha party. March 18 was the day Finny's Mommy adopted him.
And because it was also a St. Patrick's party, efurrybody had to come all dressed in green.
To get to their house, all I had to do was to close my eyes... say "Transport me to Finny and Buddy's party" 7 times furry quickly... and ta-dah! I was magically teleported to their lovely house all decked in green balloons and green shamrocks.

Arriving at Finny & Buddy's party in style
But I arrived at the party furry late because I forgot all about the time difference between Singapurr and the United States, which are furry furry far away from each other.

Music and niptinis are a lethal combination
When I got there, many kitties were already celebrating heavily. Victor & Bonnie, Beau, Scooby, Shaggy & Scout, Meezers, Mia and Bella, just to name a few, were all there.
I wished Finny a furry happy burrthday and gave him a present. Then Princess Mia brought me a green niptini. It was POWERFUL!

Seduced by the music
That night, I was a furry lucky kitty. I got to do the furry sexy catango with 3 amazing beauties -- Princess Mia, Bonnie and Bella! Rrrooaaawwrr!

I practised the catango a lot with my Foster Mommy
All three lovelies said that I was a furry good dancer. Well, I'm not surprised. After all, I did practise the catango a lot with my Foster Mommy when I was a mere kitten.
Soon it was time for Finny to open his prezzies. I gave Finny a collection of 3 of my furrvorite books. They are all about furry cute kitties just like us!

My burrthday prezzie to Finny
Over drinks, I found out that Princess Mia's bean grandparents are living in Singapurr. I promised her I would visit them for her.
Soon enough, I had waaay too many niptinis and meowgaritas and got myself quite drunk. I hiccupped so much that Beau wanted to cut off my drinks.

Regretting all those niptinis and meowgaritas
But, Timmy was the most sloshed that night. He danced with the lamp shade on his head and then promptly lost his tail.
Derby then made me take a pill with lots of water, which made me fall into a deep sleep. It was while I was sleeping off the high that Bella wrote her telephone number on my belly.
When I woke up, I was grateful that my throbbing headache and non-stop hiccupping had gone away.
Then a most exciting thing happened...

"Wha...? What did Beau say to Ghost?!"
Beau 'fessed up to Ghost about his love for her. And then he went on to... PROPOSE!
Unfortunately, Ghost did not give an answer to his furry important question. And Beau refused to talk about the incident anymore.
Of course, all this happened in private. But, I had overhead them. So did all the other kitties. And Beau was NOT happy about that.

Need... to... sleep...
Then I fell asleep again and Timmy furry nearly shaved off my eyebrows as a prank. Thank goodness Derby forced Timmy to behave and my handsome brows were spared.
I bolted awake when I felt suffocated suddenly. I couldn't breathe. I found out that I had fallen to the bottom of a massive nap pile and Petey's furry big butt was on my face!
Thank you, Finny & Buddy, for a furry wonderful party! I'll still be dreaming about it in the many many months to come.
So... when's the next party?!


cat_aunty said...

Oh Bombay you party animal!!! What other naughtiness were you up to during the party eh?

PrincessMia said...

Thanks for the great recap, Bombay. I've been practising my dance steps and I can't wait for the next party.

Finnegan & Buddy said...

Hey Bombayyyyyyyyyyyy!! Great recap of the party and your pix are super too! Did you see the ones we posted? We didn't get efurrycat, but we got Timmy with the lampshade on his head, it's pretty funny. And we think we found the ring Beau was gonna give Ghost, but he sez it's not his.


Puss said...

Bombay, great site...the party sounded like alot of fun. You are very cute!

The Imp said...

what a fun post!!! and a lovely party!!!

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Great pics and recap of the partaay Bombay! It was lots of fun and furry interesting.

Anonymous said...

Hi ;)
heh... what disturbed newz!
what do you think about it?

Anonymous said...

Great site!

Anonymous said...

Great site!