Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Love Story -- Christopher & Dana Reeve

The story of Dana and Christopher Reeve is a story of love in the truest sense of the word: in sickness and in health. In these days of quick divorces, we admire couples who stay together, especially Hollywood couples.

Who among us were not shocked to the core when Christopher had his riding accident? It didn't seem possible that such a young virile man could be forever confined to a wheelchair, unable to even breathe on his own. We watched with compassionate sadness as he and his beautiful wife Dana try to live life to its fullest, despite Christopher' physical limitations.

We all rooted for them to find a Happily Ever After. I believed that if anyone could rise from a wheelchair, Christopher Reeve was that man. Alas, it was not to be. As heartbreaking as Christopher's passing was, it seemed inconceivable and so grossly unfair that his loving wife Dana would be diagnosed with lung cancer shortly after she buried her husband.

I wanted to believe in my heart that her ceaseless devotion to her husband would be rewarded by God with a new life partner with whom she would live out her years. Alas, this also, was not meant to be. Dana Reeve, devoted wife and mother, died last night one day before her 45th birthday.

As tragic as this story is, I believe in my heart that they, Christopher and Dana, are together now. A love everlasting. An eternal love which flame will never die.

Lets say a prayer for them, their family and friends they left behind and especially their young son who lost both his parents at by tender age of 13.

If this story was a book, the epilogue would have Christopher and Dana reunited at last in ethereal heavenly bliss, celebrating a love that defied death, sickness and heartache.

As somber as this story is, I believe they showed the world what true love is and how to behave in times of unbearable sadness. They lived and died in love. A true love story. May they rest in peace.

~5-Cat Style


Moglee said...

I agreed with you. May they rest in peace.

Cat said...

Absolutely. Their love story is an inspiration to all. I believe they will be reunited in their next and future lives.

DEBRA said...

I thought the same thing -- at least they are now together, forever.

Bawdy Babe said...

Hello cat lovers. I am the writer of this piece and want to say thanks for your appreciation and admiration of this couple. They were truly inspirational.

Beau said...
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Brenda said...

They give me the inspiration to hang in there. Looks like they were certainly soulmates and I bet they'll be back together in their next life.

Mambo said...

Hollywood marriages are normally filled with nonsensical fairy tale weddings more elaborate than the Queen's Birthday! They never seem to last...look at Jenn & Brad, Britney and whoever country boy, J.Lo(need i say more,) Tom Cruise, etc etc...they seem to treat wedding as a joke or it might be stated in their contract to get married and create news for themselves. Whatever the case, almost all never do last when they say he was the man of my dreams, yes perhaps it should have stayed that way for many of them, in their bloody dreams...

But look at the Reeves, their love for each other puts many of us to shame, how many of us would do the same? For Dana, her cancer could be a message from god telling her to rejoin he husband in eternal heavens. Sincerely i pray for them that they are truely happy now, that their son be grown to be someone useful and carry on the proud name of the Reeves.

For Superman, he who lives among us.


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