Saturday, March 04, 2006

Melvin's photos from The Reunion

Bombay & Bangles on their way to Gucci's house
Both: There has to be a more glamourous way of transporting us.

Bombay: Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
Bangles: You really aren't a cool cat.

Bombay explores Gucci's domain

Bombay: Wha...? Was I just hissed at by the host?

Bombay: Fine. I'll just invite myself onto the couch.

Bombay: Do I at least get a cocktail?

Bombay: Hey, where's Bangles? Bangles! Where are yoooou?

Bangles: I'm underneath watching this stranger who's supposed to be our brudder.

Gucci: I'm watching you! Mind you... you're not allowed to drink my water, eat my food or use my litterbox!

Ding Dong!
Bombay: Uh-oh...

Jackie & Cloey arrive

Bombay: MOMMEEEE!!!

Adventurous Jackie launches into a thorough investigation of the house

Friendly Cloey makes her rounds to see who's up for playing

Guess it's time to bring out the big guns... the wet food

Here's a dollop on their noses to help speed up the introductions

And now to see if it works... will the cats pay friendlier attention to each other?

Cloey: Me smells something good on Bombay.

Bombay: Eeeks! She's spotted me.

Cloey: Yoohoo... me wants to sniff at you!

Bombay: Aaarrgghh! Get this food off my face! Get this food off my face!

The Pursuit
Cloey: If I cannot sniff your front, let me sniff your end.

Bombay: Did I lose her?

Bangles: You're a moron. You should have hidden under here with me from the start.

Bombay: They're not on my left.

Bombay: They're not up ahead.

Bombay: And they're not under here too. I DO believe they are gone.

Bombay was sooooo wrong.
Bombay: HELP ME! I'm being stalked!

Bombay lodges a complaint with Mommy, but she only encourages him to be friendly with his sisters

Bombay: Hmmph! No sympathy from Mommy. I'll just squeeze myself in here.

Bombay: I should be safe from those sniffy-licky things in this cabinet.

Bombay: It's getting a bit dull up here. Ask Bangles to join me, won't ya?

Dear Readers, please do not worry about Bombay. He cheered up soon enough after Mommy and Daddy bribed him away from the cabinet with a whole can of his favourite food.
~5-Cat Style


Gigolo Kitty said...

What a lovely photostory. And I ::heart:: Bombay!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely party - I had a good time at the party with the cats as i scrolled along.

Beau said...

What great pictures and a wonderful reunion!

Victor Tabbycat said...

LOL! I love getting Bombay's purrspective on the party.

K T Cat said...

Cool site! Thanks for sharing your cat photos with us.

Magoo, Smudge, Bella & Dolce said...

Niptinis for everybody. Someone invented this drink at my birthday party. Now we all stagger around like Dean Martin. EvFurrbody loves Furrbody Sometimes... Hic.

Anonymous said...
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