Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bangles The Stealthy Ninja

Bangles is now a ninja.
He has mastered the basic skills for his first spy mission. Bangles will now demonstrate what he has learnt.

Skill #1 - Becoming invisible

Bangles can become invisible by standing in absolute stillness and silence, allowing himself to melt into the background and staying unseen.

Skill #2 - Scaling walls & leaping to great heights

These skills must be acquired by every ninja. Here, Bangles displays a good sense of balance which is integral in wall climbing.

Skill #3 - Moving soundlessly at great speed

The art of silent walking is an important skill to a ninja. Combined with speed and stamina, Bangles will soon become a supreme master of stealth.
And while Bangles trains diligently every day at becoming an unbeatable ninja, his brother Bombay is quite the opposite.

He seems to prefer being the grandmaster of quiet meditation.

Photos courtesy of Melvin & Stephanie
~5-Cat Style


Magoo, Smudge, Bella & Dolce said...

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KXBC said...

Xin Xin bows to the great ninja. Even I have not scaled such heights.

Meow, Xin Xin

Celeste Lock said...

Cool cats!

the letter b said...

if i'm a cat, i'd definitely do a bombay. :D

auntie p said...

Waa...bangles is really the ninja boy. Meditative Bombay is so adorable...so round one. :)

auntie p said...

BTW, my hubby (uncle S) the non-blog reader thinks your blog is interesting and quite comical.

=^..^= said...

What a compliment! Thank you, Uncle S & Auntie P! :D

~5-Cat Style

Three said...

Wow! :D Bangles sure is stealthy. Bombay looks so dear asleep.

Zuleme said...

Bombay is a cutie. You're right, he looks like Fergus. I love the smile.

Anonymous said...

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