Friday, March 10, 2006

The Mask of Clementi

This beautiful black-and-white is a cat I am growing very fond of.

The Flyer and I call her The Mask. Why? Because of the curious shape that wraps her lovely eyes.
I'm inclined to believe that if she were human, The Mask would be a biker babe.

Because every night, without fail, we would find her on top of this Honda motorcycle.

While she hints at having that wild biker streak in her, The Mask is actually a very sweet and friendly cat. She'll let you stroke her and scratch her, pat her and tickle her.

Even with strangers, she'll lie down and trustingly expose her belly to them. She's that affectionate!
So here she is lying down and inviting some belly scratches. Do observe that ginger head peeking from behind the wall, probably wondering what all the fuss is about.

The Mask then gets up slowly, inching her way towards my Mum for even more scratches and pats. The ginger cat comes closer too.

Finally, she purrs and purrs and rubs herself so lovingly against my Mum, my dear mother cannot stop herself from bringing out the kitty snacks.

So The Mask and the ginger cat both enjoy a wee bit of kitty goodies courtesy of my Mum.

And of course, what must follow a snacking is a good cleaning up. Every good kitty knows that, eh?

Cleaning doesn't always have to be done upright. A smart cat knows that cleanliness can be attained lying down too. Why waste energy unnecessarily? Why?

Then after all that licking, it's time to roll over for some lay-zeeee action.

Well... maybe... just ONE more lick can be allowed.

As I say my farewell to this sweetie, she decides to pose for an artistic upside-down portrait. What can I say? Even the wrong way up, she is an absolute beauty.

~5-Cat Style


lambj said...

She *is* a beauty. And a biker girl. Tough and tender. I take it her ginger friend was quite shy. Is she spayed? Too bad she doesn't have a home. Maybe she wants to adopt the owner of that Honda?!

=^..^= said...

Hi Lambj,

The Mask doesn't have a tipped ear so she may not have been spayed yet. I should check with the feeder to see if she has plans to get her sterilised soon.

I'm not too sure about The Mask wanting to adopt the owner of the Honda bike though... looks to me she's interested in the machine and not the man!

~5-Cat Style

lambj said...

Depends on which is more reliable!!! Sounds like she's a tease. Her face is also a lot like Psychokitty Max, with the black dot under her nose. That last picture wins my heart.

the letter b said...

okay, here's my Malay-stylee exclamations: "Poser, siah!" "kuching ini manja sekali!"

right, for non-malay [for our non-Singaporean friends, Singapore is *not* a 100% Chinese islet. and no we don't speak Singaporese - duh!] speakers:
"Poser, that!"
"this cat is so affectionate!"

Anonymous said...

Cute blog even cuter cats.A biker at heart huh maybe she needs to feel the wind on her