Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bad manners, common discourtesy

Since I started this blog, a handful of people have approached me to ask for help in finding a home for this cat or that kitten, and I always agree to help. I ask friends, approach fellow-volunteers, even publicise these adoptions on my blog.

I don't ask for anything in return... none whatsoever... except carry the hope that these felines will go to loving families and good homes.

No... wait... I do ask for ONE thing and one thing ONLY -- for those people to have the common courtesy to tell me when the cat(s) have been adopted out so that I don't waste my time and effort still trying to get people interested in them.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest... here's another two darlings, a mother and her kitten, who need a loving home. I'll post more info on them tomorrow.

A very pretty mother and her cutie-pie kitten

How not to love that face?
** Update: Someone frightened both mother and kitten away. None of the feeders know where they have escaped to and are hoping they will return safe and sound. **
~ 5-Cat Style


Anonymous said...

hi! gracie here.. ah yah lah..sometimes pple get busy and all. dunch worry.. i really appreciate you helping zoby's brother and sister out!

the letter b said...

Gracie - it's highly IRRELEVANT if peopRe are busy or not, but it doesn't take up much of your time to give them a ring and inform, does it? does it hurt to pick up the phone and inform? sms on the phone got time lah, call and tell people no more cat, no time issit?

btw, i'm not sure if you have noticed what 5CS had specifically mentioned in this post: COMMON COURTESY [probably you don't know what these two words actually meant] which is a very pervalent disease common in today's riff-raff - sorry, young singaporeans - these days.

tell me, if you are in her shoes, what would you do? duh.

Anonymous said...

hey letter b, why are u getting all riffed out? sounds like you are. all i am sayign is let's just chill it and not jump to conclusions. sure, she is still excepted to inform, but let's just give her the benefit of doubt. and yes i do know what common courtesy is.

Anonymous said...

letter b sounds bitchy

=^..^= said...

Hi Anonymous,

Kindly refrain from name-calling. Thank you.

~5-Cat Style

Anonymous said...

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