Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Please don't buy a pet on impulse this festive season

The Christmas Kitten

I once was a cuddly kitten,
But now I am a stray,
'Cause when I was no longer fluffy,
They sent me on my way.

They've kept their big watchdog,
As he can bark and growl,
But I could fly at strangers,
If I caught them on the prowl.

I slink around their garbage can;
I mew outside their door;
But it's clear from their behaviour,
They don't want me anymore.

Now I'm cold and hungry,
And getting very thin,
What have I done to hurt them,
Why won't they let me in?

I crouch in sheds and boxes,
In my bedraggle fur,
So shivery and dejected,
I cannot even purr.

They have another kitten,
Their children's whole delight;
But probably next Christmas,
It will share my wretched plight.

Author Unknown

~5-Cat Style


lechatrouge said...

reading this poem really makes my heart go a crying...

can never never never understand how some can just abandon a relationship be it a human or animal... the thing is, it no longer is an animal, it is your pet that is on par to the level of a child.

just being w/o my rani today sets my elder 'son' beary, me and my hubby amiss... and its just for a day for her speying.

such indescribable sadness that mankind have forgetten how to empathise with. the degradation of man.

=^..^= said...

Inconsideration and irresponsibility. That's what it is. People forget to think about what it will be like for the animal they are about to abandon. So they simply go ahead and do it. And because it is such an easy process, they repeat it whenever it suits them. It's heartless.

~5-Cat Style

lechatrouge said...

brainless i may add as well!

it just reminds me of the movie i rewatched - Akira Kurosawa's Dreams. its not another of his samurai movies which i dun watch, but this one is really good.

artistically intepreted through the method of short stories that seem unrelated yet if you stand back and look at it, it tells of one holistic message = the degradation of men throughout time and the solution to peace at the end of it all.

martin scorsese did a small stint in one of the chapters... but i think he should just remain in the directors seat than in front of the camera, hahaha! they were probably frens...

Anonymous said...
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