Monday, December 19, 2005

A big thank you to Dawn and Jolanda

Poor Bombay and Callas had to be caged in the house for the very first time in their lives. But it was for their own safety that I did it.

You see, yesterday I opened my apartment to the public for viewing (I'm selling it) and I didn't want anyone getting in the kitties' way and the kitties getting in their way... couldn't risk them getting trampled on by busy feet walking through the house.

So on Saturday, with the kind help of Dawn, I met Jolanda to borrow the cage from her. And what a large one it was! Definitely roomy enough for the two kitties. In fact, I almost could not extend it enough to get it to open up in my narrow utility room. I had to get into a yoga-acrobatic position, ingeniusly using my toes to push the base up and finally opening the cage fully. Phew!

I then made the cage as comfy as I could for the kittens. There was a small litterbox (courtesy of Jolanda), a water bowl, a large thick towel for something soft the kitties could lie on and some of Bombay and Callas' favourite toys. To amuse them further, I tied a ribbon at the top of the cage and left its two tendrils dangling enticingly. It worked like a charm! The ribbon was so inviting to the kitties that they were on tip-toe almost all of the time.

A big thank you to Dawn and Jolanda for helping to make the kittens so comfy! :)

~5-Cat Style


Dawn said...

You're most welcome. Jolanda did all the work! :)

Glad they weren't stressed!

Anonymous said...
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